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Dark Knight Mystery Geocoin v2

The Dark GeoKnight

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I have wanted one of the Dark Knight coins forever...

But as the Dark Knight himself it remains elusive :)


I hope to run across a cache with one of these protecting it soon

I cannot wait to see Version 2.0


For all of you Batman Fans, I mean the DARK GOTHIC Batman as was the original and is close to the new

Dark Knight Series, not the Nicholson, Schwarzenegger, Keaton, Clooney ones.


See if you can find this book:



You will not be disappointed. :rolleyes:


Thanks for the new Mystery Coin, hope to see one soon.

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Dark knight Geocoin V2??????????????????????????? The lovely geocoin is back???? I didn't had the chance to have one of the first dark knight mystery coins that wanted so much!!! Now the coin is back??? WOW!!!! :)


I loved the first coin... Can't wait to see the new version!!! :rolleyes:


New hopes are born!!! :grin:

Yuppi!!!!! ;)

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:D Cool, Love Mystery Coins :lol: We are excited who will be the first to get one. Hope they post pictures.


We havent been blessed to get the V1, come to NorthEasrn Wisconsin to visit all the Cemetary caches we have placed. OOh By the way They are Wisconsin Official Sprit Quest. We started them here in Wisconsin and the logo was fun to design, and now others are using the logo. It is been alot of fun placing them but more fun taking the time to explore our own area, lots of places we never knew a cemetary was here, and lived here all of lives. Welcome to visit here Dark Knight.

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WOW!!! Congratulations my friend!!!! Can't wait to see how the coin looks!!!! Even in mobile photo!!! :drama:


Hey... batman... Dark knight... even if sometimes I tell jokes or I am funny, I am not the Joker!!! :) Will you visit my island too?


hmm... I only have to tell you that it is quite sunny, and since you are wearing black..... but weather will change soon! :D


the good thing is that Bats and batman comes out at night, so... there is no problem with the heat! :)

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Hey, Dark Knight, who is Molly? <giggling>


I wondered that too. My dog Good Golly Miss Molly hasn't been involved with the Dark Knight but could be persuaded if bribed with a treat or two! :drama::)



I'm Molly !! Reading this thread because of ... I got a little something something in the mail... and I'm not exactly sure what it is! Is this some mystery?

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I recently received this in the mail as a nice surprise (thanks for that)


is this similar to the one Gillian received?


This is EXACTLY what I received today! I am SOOO excited! A Dark Knight V2... woo hoo. (My husband wants to know what I'm giggling about.)


Thank you for the prize :drama::):D


<I promise to upload a picture on Friday.>

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I recently received this in the mail as a nice surprise (thanks for that)


is this similar to the one Gillian received?


Yep, this is exactly what I received (well, a different number, of course). :drama: It is still making me smile!!


Edit to add: Anne is required to get pics of the dark geoknight in a tight black outfit for me at GCF. She is my proxy while I stay home, feed her pets, and steal her geocoins and candy!

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Congrat's to the coin getters but on to more important things; I'm hoping the Dark GeoKnight shows up at GCF. I heard he was smokin' in the tight GeoKnight Bat suit :drama: meeooowwwww


(I've evidently had too much sugar tonight:P)


Yes and I've heard it's very tight (like skin tight) black leather!!! Ooooooo I am going to miss it too. Well I can dream :)

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I got one too!!!!! Gillian laughed at me for being jealous of hers and then going home and getting one myself. :drama: JEALOUS NO MORE!!!


Thank you Dark Knight! Now I am on a mission to capture a picture of you at GCF in the skin tight black leather or Gillian will never forgive me!! :):D:)


Oh man, pre-vacation giddiness has set in!

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