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I am doing another coin blowout sale. This time it's 6 coins for $30.00 all the coins are trackable. Shipping is $4.00 domestic (and Canada) and $6.00 (will split into two packages) international.

The 6 coins are trackable. They will be different than what I sold before.

Email me: avroair@sbcglobal.net subject line: 6 for 30, with paypal (email address) and home country.


I am limiting this, so no waivering! :D

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Everyone who has paid through yesterday I have mailed out (they should start arriving tomorrow). Still need 5 delinquent payments to pay up! Hurry so I have GCF money...


If you end up with an extra batch that no one pays for, I will take it off you hands and save each other shipping. You can deliver it to Geocoinfest. Hope to see you there.

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Mr. Avroair!!


I received my package today and amongst it was hidden ... a coin I've been looking for all over and have never been able to find, and it's on my seeking list and everything!!!!


It is the adorable sea otter geocoin for the Monterey Bay area and it is so gorgeous in person!! Thank you SOOOO much! I have no idea if it was random chance or if you put it in there on purpose, but either way you rock, and thank you so much for this sale. :drama::):D

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I have found another 200 coins so will be doing another sale soon.


Woohooo.... can I sign up for that one already :)


I also got my shipment yesterday, and it was awesome. I've got all my new pretties in my pocket right now (and my pocket is bulging!) Several of them I am very excited about. I'm not sure I'll be able to let any of them go :drama:

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