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Legend HCx waypoint manipulation

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To work with the Waypoints display in my Legend seems a lengthy process sometimes. If I wish to delete/remove several waypoints that cannot be removed by Menu>Delete...>Used Symbols because I wish to be more selective, I find myself carrying out the following involved operation:

1. Use joystick to move highlight from 'A' to 'OK' in Waypoint display (seven moves)

2. Click'OK'

3. Scroll to waypoint to be removed

4. Press joystick to display particular waypoint

5. Use joystick to move highlight from 'Go To' to 'Delete' (two moves)

6. Press 'Delete'

7. Press 'Yes' when prompted by, "Do you really want to delete waypoint .....?"

This seems to involve a lot of work just to delete one waypoint, let alone several.

Am I correct, or is there a way in which the Legend can be set up to reduce the number of steps? If I am right, is it something that bothers other users, too?

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Transfer your waypoints to Mapsource on your PC. (This would be a good time to save the waypoints as a backup on the PC.)


Delete All waypoints on the handheld.

Click on the Waypoints tab in Mapsource.

Use CTRL-Click to select the waypoints you want to delete.

Hit the Delete key.

Transfer the remaining waypoints back to the handheld.


Y'er welcome. o.gif



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I readily take on board your alternative method. The removal of a waypoint was an extreme example. Even to display waypoint details requires the first four steps. It would be so nice to find fewer moves required to waypoint details incorporated into a future update. Is the process the same for the later Oregon, for example?

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Pressing the upper right button (Page/quit) also let's you leave the "keypad", which saves you some joystick action :shocked:


Instead of leaving the keypad you could actually use the keypad to search for the waypoint you wanted to check, to reduce the amount of scrolling.


If you are mostly interested in displaying nearby waypoints, you might wan't to try out the Find Nearest option :blink:

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