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using ipod nano for paperless caching


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I use mine all the time. I use GSAK to download waypoints and then use the Ipod Notes macro (available on the GSAK website) to load the waypoint information and recent logs to the notes section of the nano.


Two items:

1. I used to use the Ipod Multi-notes macro but then changed computers to a Vista based system and it stopped working. Either Vista or an update to the Nano's software seems to be the cause. I now use the older Ipod Notes macro and it has worked fine. The multi-notes bundles the caches into chapters which makes searching and paging easier. I usually keep about 300 caches loaded in the notes and don't have much problem navigating.


2. I find that sorting the caches by GC number in GSAK helps to arrange the caches for paging through them.


The notes are text only so no maps, graphics or pictures get downloaded.

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