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Garmin TOPO 1:24,000 Scale USGS Maps

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What about the issue someone brought up suggesting that "trails" are better identified on the 1:100,000 scale map [2008] than the new 1:24,000 scale maps.

The paper 100Ks had many features identified as trail/jeep/4wheel. I expect these are what are on the Garmin 100K topo. I have seen posts saying their 24K product has little, if any, trails (neither off-highway nor hiking).

Besides not much being available; when you find some from a Federal agency (i.e. FS) there is some duplication between their data and the street/road/trail data in the Census files (which is what is usually used by those creating free mapsets). Merging the two sets takes some time - OK for a local area, probably tens of hours for each of many States, and a huge amount of time to do 'all' the States.

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Battery life is adversly affected by have the backlight turned up. Are you doing that for better visibility?


I have wondered if larger individual .img file size slows finding and displaying the needed info, but have never tested for it. What is the size of the individual files?


Complexity of the features might increase redraw speed.


My GPSr (with my custom mapsets) keeps up fine at interstate highway speeds. What display zoom level are you using on the trails?

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