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GPSMAP 76 usb serial cable driver not connecting

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2 years ago i bought a GPSMAP 76 for my dad and installed it on his laptop do upload geocaches-coords to his device.

As the laptop had no serial-port, but only a serial-cable was included i did buy a adapter serial/usb and driver-cd.

2 years ago it all did work.

Now he has a new laptop and i am trying to reinstal...without sucess.

I have the GPSMAP 76, i have the serial-cable, i have the usb-adapter and i have the driver-cd.

on laptop is Win XP.

Unfortunately on the driver cd-are so many folders, not sorted by windows/drivers.

does someone uses the same device and can help ?


thank you and kind regrads



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Yup, exact same set up as you have.

I found that if I don't connect everything in the exact right order that I'll get the same message you did.

After turning on the computer and everything loads then connect the serial-USB adapter. It will take the computer a few seconds to recognize the adapter.

Turn on your GPS.

Make sure your GPS is set to "Garmin" interface.

Plug the cable into the GPS.

Connect the cable from the GPS to the serial-USB adapter.

Any other sequence won't work for me and I'll often have to reboot the computer to get it to connect.

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i believe i am not so far to try the corect order, as i have problems setting the drivers.

I have a cd with to many folders, to many .exe and drivers but no manual.

could you email me the usb/serial-driver ? could that work ? or does every kable-producer has its own driver ?

"Hardware not installed correctly" appears afetr plugging the device.

i need help at this point.

do i need a driver for cable + another for gps ?

if i cannot run the device i must sell and buy one with usb-cable...

thanks !

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