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My DNF log about a deer. Found the cache 2 days later.


Ok, I needed to figure out where this cache is, and hadn't looked at the puzzle since the day it published. Sat down, and figured it out. One source I was using has been compromised, but a link from that page using a footnote worked out just fine. I'm not one to sit on a solve, so off I went in the dark. It's getting harder to cache during the week in daylight anyway, with work and family obligations.


Got to the parking lot, grabbed the flashlight and started off. Halfway across the field I see eyes looking at me. Curious, I slowly made my way toward the eyes, to see what they belonged to. Turned out to be a young deer, laying in the field. It got up, moved a small distance away, and stopped to watch me. So, I went back to what I was doing. Very quiet, and peaceful. Had an Owl hooting in the distance, so I was in no hurry to "find" it. I was enjoying the nightsounds while I was looking.


GPS was bouncing a little, and some of the "logical" spots hadn't yet panned out. I was in no hurry, and when that's the case, I usually keep checking the GPS(and accuracy) to "triangulate" GZ. Came out, back to the fields edge, and had a very LOUD snort from VERY close! WTF!? Turns out the young deer, must have went and told one of it's parents on me! HOLY........!! It came from my right, closer toward me, before off to my left, further away. Stopped, turned, and was snorting, prancing, and STOMPING at me! I gotta admit, I was a little nervous with my current situation. Had a fairly large deer, NOT happy with me, standing between me and my car! Just stood there, keeping it in my light, so I knew what it was doing. Heart rate, increasing some.


Finally, after more stomping, prancing, and snorting, it turned and slowly vanished. WHEW!! I turned around for a minute, to look into a different spot of the overgrown edge. Trying to get the flashlight to illuminate another "likely" spot. Had another snort, from the direction of the road. I know, the PO'd deer, didn't go that direction, and wouldn't have been quick enough to circle around to be over there. That's it, I decided to abort the mission for tonight. I mean, we've all seen those shows "when animals attack", right!?


Another time.........

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I've also come really close to porcupines a couple times. Got a couple close pictures of one, and had another one come sliding down a natural rock wall near me, butt first. Once down, it scurried into a hiding spot even closer to where I was. Within 10 feet or so. On a 4 part multi near some cliffs we had to climb down, we ended up checking out a cave that I thought was pretty cool. Ended up finding porcupine quills stuck in trees, sticks, and laying around. As I walked up the incline to the mouth of the cave, I realized I wasn't on hard ground. I was walking in YEARS of porcupine droppings. Must've been more than a foot deep, covering a 20x30 foot area of the ground at the mouth of the cave. I wouldn't go very far in, other than a quick peek.


Of course, that's why I cache. To see cool animals, things, and places.



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