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New coin from grodan & fiabus

grodan & fiabus

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I have started the works on my new personalcoin, the third in the animalseries. We have had the grodancoin for me and the fiabuscoin for my husband and this will be for our oldest daughter, the HunnyBunnycoin.


This is also in same cartoonish stile but not finished yet. This was not an easy animal to make but I have faith in my designerpartner, he will surely make it a nice one.


This is a small teaserthread so I will keep the animal a secret a while longer, hope you will like it when it is ready for sale. :blink:

It will be trackable with own prefix and own icon.

Haven´t decided yet what finishes and colours there will be, I´ll see later on.


grodan Karin

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WOW! I have thw Grodan coin and it is fantastic! The fiabus looked fantastic too, but I do not have it! :blink:


Hmm.... hunny bunny.... the thing that comes in my mind is a bunny holding an ammo can full of honey!!! I do not know why, but the bunny in my mind looks like the rabbit friend of Winnie the Pooh!! :D


Well... what ever it is .... I am sure it is going to be a heart break coin my friends!!! :)

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Thank you for kind words. I will keep on teasing you a little longer. You can try to guess the animal if you like but I am not sure if I am going to tell if anyone is right :laughing:

Actually, it is going to be 2 animals in one coin but shaped only as one. Tricky enough?? :laughing:


Hmm, maybe I should let you guess and the winner gets a HunnyBunnycoin in surprisecolour. Don´t know if it is right to hold a cointest with no coin ready. We haven´t even made a blueprint yet. No, it will have to wait.


Hope you all are going to like it when it is ready.


grodan Karin

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Oh boy.... so it is a bird or a flying insect (butterfly...)????


Hmm... I would love to see a colibri bird.... a red cardinal...or a robin....an owl... B)


The funny thing is that I like sparrows a lot!


Hey.... wait a minute.... why not be a flying dragon? ;)

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I think I will give you a clue. It is not a frog and it is not a cat and it is a landliving animal.


Now it is much easier, right? ;)


grodan Karin


I think I will give you a clue. It is not a frog and it is not a cat and it is NOT a sealiving animal.


Now it is much easier, right? B)


grodan Karin


This might be easier to read.


A butterfly bunny!! :D What an imagination!!! :D


Did I understod well? the animal is not living in land and in water???


I am wondering if it is living in fairytales!!! :D ....or it is something like a dino....?

I think it IS a landliving animal but, NOT sealiving animal. B) See the bolded underlined words above. hehe

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Thank you for finding this thread for me. I searched this morning but the kids got to hungry. :D

I will not post a picture yet but....the design is set, finally. How hard it can be to draw a simple...... yes, what??

Keep guessing.

The coin is shaped as a landliving animal and also includes one more animal.

First to guess both right will get a surprise of my choise.

I don´t know if there is a shaped coin as this animal, I haven´t seen one.


Picture will come as soon as I have made up my mind on colourcombos and metals.


grodan Karin

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