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Totally rad three week trip, with lots of caching

Team Danger!
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So the wife and I are running around NZ in November in a campervan. We plan to see as much in New Zealand, mostly on the south island, as we can in three weeks. We have found that some of our best discoveries have come by travel-caching. It get's you to spots you probably wouldn't visit normally, and see all kinds of great stuff. So here's what I'm looking for:


Any and all of the great New Zealand caches. Does it take a 3 hour hike along beautiful scenery to get there? I want it. In a interesting cultural spot? Send it our way. One of the coolest caches you've ever done? I want to do it too!


We are fairly adventurous and highly mobile, we'll take any and all challenges available. We would like to stay away from the urban micros, unless they are super-duper clever, as well as taking us someplace great. Once again, get us in the woods and we are happiest. Please share with us!


I'm not able to check the forums all that often in my current location(maybe once a week), so you can hit me here, or on geocaching.com at Team Danger! or on my email at questrocks@yahoo.com


We appreciate any great leads or must-dos in your great country, and are super excited.


Aaron, Tammy & Maxwell Danger

Team Danger!

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