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Best car mount for Garmin 60CSx?


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My OEM car mount broke, is there a better alternative for 60CSX?

When you say "OEM mount" do you mean the Garmin mount that's designed for your unit?


I'm using Garmin's mount for my Legend HCx and I love it. It's so much less intrusive than the RAM mounts and it just takes a second (literally) to clip in and out. I'm also using Garmin's handlebar mount on my mountain bike. It uses the same clip on the back of the Legend to clip in and out.



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My OEM car mount broke, is there a better alternative for 60CSX?

When you say "OEM mount" do you mean the Garmin mount that's designed for your unit?



Yes, that one. It's total junk. All plastic which cracked at the point where the screws tighten to prevent rotation up/down. Lasted about a year which is all you can expect from disposable overseas products.




Automotive windshield mounting bracket with suction cup mount

Part Number: 010-10457-00

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I have a ram mount and don't use it.


Taking it in and out for geocaching is a hassle.


I just stick it between my legs on the seat.




Sounds like you didn't fix the ram mount cradle when you got it. There is a little tab inside where the round thing on the back on the 60csx goes into the cradle that seems to me & many others was made to large. Mine was so tight when I got it I couldn't get the GPS out of the cradle without feeling like I was going to rip the back off the gps or break the cradle.

Taking a some sand paper or a file I was able to take away a bit of the tab, now the thing hold very tight(for 3+ years), doesn't rattle, & most importantly goes in and out of the cradle the way it was intended.


This modification wasn't my idea, I found it on another topic here. That post even had a few people who broke their gps(pulled the back off/open) getting the unit in and out of the ram mount. With all that said I would still buy a ram mount, they are much better than the very crappy garmin mounts.


below is the exact style mount I have. I also love the ball mount design so you can get the exact viewing angle you want, with the garmin mount you are forced to view it a certain way & can only change the angle slightly.


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Get yourself a RAM mount.


This is what I use in my Jeep. It is the RAM-B-166-GA12U.




Mine is almost like this, but instead of the RAMmount GPSr cradle I have it combined with the Garmin GPSr cradle. That was after a recommendation from this forum. I have used that for 3+ years in 2 different cars and have been extremely satisfied with it.


The whole setup is somewhat heavier that the Garmin setup, but I feel that it helps when you are on bumpy terrain as the GPSr is held more steady.


Here's some pictures.





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