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Volunteer Cache Reviewer


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Because the one cache that I found was so cool, I wanted to quit while I was ahead. Link to my log.


Also, a quote from my profile page:

I use this account so that I can keep my logs, activities and opinions as a Geocaching.com volunteer separate from my family's "player" account, where we keep track of the fun we're having. I have hidden about 45 caches and found more than 4,300, so please don't get upset because someone with "zero hides and one find" is reviewing your cache submission and possibly questioning it. I am using my experience to try to help others hide caches that meet the site's listing guidelines.

Next thread?

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Anonymity. Although be careful! I had one make a boo-boo and send the email logged into their personal account. I had a laugh but no worries. I'll never tell! (Or blackmail!)


Not always... our local reviewer (-tiki-) has a link in his reviewer profile to his caching account. Like other reviewers, he states that he does this in order to "help keep review issues separate".

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why do VCR's (Volunteer Cache Well... you know) have one find. whats the point of the one find?

And...if you look at the one find of Surfer_Joe...you will find it was for an Event Cache held in his honor...


Note...I only assume Surfer_Joe since The_Bell_Dingers is from Minnesota...



Surfer Joe hasn't even logged this one: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...55-a225b3384e16 (truth is, he's embarrassed by it, I think, humble doorknob that he is.)

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