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9/11 Memorial "Code 3" Geocoin Giveaway

Odyssey Voyager

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Hello forum friends! I hope you are all doing well. If you haven't already done so today, please take a moment of your time to reflect on all the blessings we share, and keep the family, friends, and loved ones of all those we lost on 9/11/01 in your thoughts and prayers. Never forget. Please also say a little prayer for all our active duty firefighters on the line and working in our community every day too, they need it.


Thank you to all who bid or browsed the charity auctions. These auctions helped raise over $110.00 dollars that I will personally match and I challenge you all to make a donation to the charity of your choice, too!


Welcome to the 9/11 Memorial "Code 3" Geocoin giveaway contest! Here is a link to a picture of the prize:


Code 3 Geocoin Artist Edition




You MAY need to receive an online PRIVATE MESSAGE during this giveaway. So, if you are unsure of, or have never received a private message here, you might want to disable your pop-up blocker now. Go to "Tools" on the top toolbar (top of this window), select "Internet Options" from the drop down menu. Select the "Privacy" tab from the new open window. Uncheck the small box that reads "Turn on Pop-up Blocker". That's it! Remember to turn the blocker "back on" after the giveaway.




This will be a REAL TIME question and answer guessing game similar to the game 20 QUESTIONS. It's a very simple game. Your job is to be the 1st to correctly guess the secret answer through the process of elimination questions. I have already revealed the answer to Ladybee4t and she is sworn to secrecy under punishment of being tickled to death, so don't try to get the answer from her...lol...you may GUESS ONE ANSWER PER POST and ASK ONE VERY SPECIFIC YES OR NO QUESTION PER POST at this forum thread. An example of a SPECIFIC YES OR NO QUESTION: is the object blue? rather than, is the object a dark color? or, is the object over 50 pounds? rather than, is the object heavy? You must allow a forum reply post from at least 1 other member BEFORE you can guess and ask again (not counting the reply from Ladybee4t or myself). Refresh this thread often to see new thread posts. You are allowed to google or use any reference material source to determine the correct answer, and you can even contact your lifeline for help as many times as you want as long as they aren't Ladybee4T or myself! Pretty easy, right?! Remember, your guess and question will be ignored if the rules are not followed precisely. Ladybee4t and I will be answering the thread reply posts in the order in which they are received (the time stamps will make this easy and accurate), please be patient as internet connection speed may delay the process. We both may not know everything there is to know about the correct answer subject, so in the event we do not know the answer, or your question has already been asked, or your question is too generalized, we will reply honestly with DON'T KNOW or ALREADY ASKED or BE MORE SPECIFIC, your answer guess WILL BE ACCEPTED, but you must wait for another member to post before you can ask and guess again. I will update this original thread post periodically throughout the contest and post SOME answers to relevant questions already asked (posted below), so hopefully, we don't get too many repeat questions or answers. Please review this original thread post often for updates and help. The first forum user to post the correct answer WINS! I must stress that the correct answer NEEDS TO BE SPELLED CORRECTLY! In this day and age, there is no reason on earth to give an incorrect spelling of the answer, but in the event you do post an INCORRECT SPELLING, we will post a "NO or INCORRECT" reply to your thread, BUT...and this is the ONLY TIME THIS MAY HAPPEN...you will receive a PRIVATE MESSAGE prompting you to check your spelling (this is why you may need to disable your pop-up blocker). If someone else posts the CORRECTLY SPELLED answer AFTER your incorrect spelling, THEY WILL WIN! So, please, please, please spell your answer CORRECTLY the 1st time around! In the event of a scandalous controversy, I will consult the wise King Solomon, and if he so decides, the prize may be cut into several small pieces and distributed accordingly! Good Luck to All and have fun! Let the games begin!




~living item? NO

~once living? YES

~made of metal? NO

~is it gray? NO

~wood or petrified wood or fossil? NO

~was it a plant? NO

~was it a male person? YES

~pro athlete? NO

~in the olympics? NO

~live in the USA? YES

~died on 9/11/01? YES


the correct answer was: TODD BEAMER a 9/11/01 hero among other heroes aboard united flight 93. the answer was guessed correctly by SgtMikal at 08:41 PM eastern time! congratulations to the winner!


since sunsetmeadowlark also guessed correctly just a few seconds after the winner, you also will receive a "code 3" artist edition gecoin!


thank you to all who participated. congratulations to the winners. i hope that this geocoin will remind everyone of the ultimate sacrifice people made on that fateful day and continue to make for our freedoms. The "code 3" geocoin is now permanently retired.


~Odyssey Voyager~



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