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Costs for Shipping Dies


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Why yes, I have ordered my dies.... Thread


and heres some pics....my v1 coin..






and my V2 coin







OK, so it looks like two pieces to stamp the coin blanks, and two pieces to cut the blanks from raw sheets. To save on shipping, one could request that only the stamping set are shipped, you really don't need the cutting portion, especially for a round coin.

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the clay coins you made from them are gorgeous!! Did you end up using them as sig items?


I love the shapie one, it makes the strike plate make more sense.


Yes, I used them for sig items for a while. then eventually had a path tag made and use them.

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do you pay duty on top of the shipping fees when they arrive?


I was just given an cost to have them shipped to me, I'm not sure what all it included in the fee. both came to me USPS, and i was not asked to pay any additional fees, so if if there was then it was paid up front and included.

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the now retired "Code 3" geocoin dies arrived this week. i decided to wait and have the dies shipped with my newest geocoins, and this saved a little on shipping costs, plus everything arrived at the same time. now, i'm going to see about having them machined down, buffed, polished, and a decorative plating applied before mounting onto a wood plaque. i'll get estimates for all that next week.



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i totally want my dies sent to me when i get my coins made.

and as for the high cost most likly due to the weight

yes, according to the mint company, all items are sent overnight via FedEx, and the cost for shipping this can run from $75 to $100. so, the metal dies DO belong to you, but the additional cost is ONLY for express shipping (usually from China) which can be rather expensive for such heavy metal. i don't think they will ship the items a less expensive way, but you can ask, and i was told the factory sends ALL the pieces of the die, even if you don't need or want them all. the reason for this may be to avoid delays or errors caused in translating complicated instructions.

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