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Garmin Oregon 400t Files


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This is what I would like to do but not sure if it is possible. I would like to load my normal Caches in the memory of my Oregon. I would like to load different pocket queries on my external card such as "Recomended for Nigh" caches. Then I would like to switch between the two files without haing to delete the ones in memory. That way I could just insert a card for the paticular "special" cache querry that I might want to do.

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There is no on board file editor, or 'file selector' to allow this at this time (to my knowledge - sure hope/wish I am wrong).


Send an e-mail to Garmin's support folks, or the the beta team requesting the feature.


I think it would be great to have a way to select which GPX files were parsed for the Geocaching feature, enabling users to organize their GPX files more logically then turn on or off the files they want to use (Much like the maps).

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If I load a .gpx file on my external card and I have a file in the memory, will it read the memory one and not see the one on the card? Also, I am not sure how to name the directory on my card to place the .gpx files. What is the directory structure?


You can put GPX files both on the internal memory and/or on the SD card, folder is d:\Garmin\GPX.


Make sure you don't exceed the 200 file or 2,000 geocache limits and everything will load.


You can't 'switch' between the two (internal memory or SD card)...but you can remove the SD card to remove those particular caches which are loaded on the SD card. So, if you have multiple SD cards you could switch between different sets of caches easily enough. Of course, you can also easily lose these SD cards, so make sure you have a secure place to store them.

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