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Dark Elf's first COINTEST

Dark Elf
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Sweet potatoes?? There is a special kind of potatoes that are sweet and sometimes their color is oragne....


I had the table tennis too, and I was in the 15 minutes.... well... it is ok... maybe next time! :lol:



MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Gatoulis,


Sweet Potato French Fries................

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Here are the questions:

1.) How many caches did i do today? (09.09.2009) - answered by SgtMikal

2.) What did i eat as lunch on midday? I used the oven. - answered by FoxMulders

3.) Which homework did i first? Only name the school subject. - answered by SgtMikal

4.) Which sport did i do after lunch? - answered by paganfrog

5.) Which room did i tidy up in the afternoon? - answered by SgtMikal

6.) While tidying up i heard songs of a famous US-punk-rock-band. Which band was it? - answered by SgtMikal

7.) Now an easy one: I fed the pets. Which kind of pets did i have? - answered by usyoopers

8.) Yesterday i went to the postoffice to send some things out. How many postage had i to pay? In "Euro" - answered by FoxMulders

9.) What are my two favourite colors? - answered by FScout

10.) Veeeery easy: What did i do after feeding the pets? - answered by anne.and.eli


Cointest is over now, all questions has been answered. Now i'm going to search a hat to put your names in and choose he winner :lol:

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd the winner is.............a big surprise :D:) : SgtMikal


Cooooongrats :lol:


Contact me with your adress and then we can look which coin you would like to get :(


YAY! And a fun cointest to boot. Nicely done, Elf! Email coming through your profile.

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Sweet Potato wedges might be good too!!!




I LOVE Sweet Potatoe Fries!!


Great cointest Dark Elf, I had lots of fun. That durn SgtMikal kept getting my answers just before I could post!


LOL! No hard feelings?!?? :lol:


I'll share my nacho's with ya!

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