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Oregon 400T in automotive profile

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I get the message


"Route Calculator Error: Maps do not have routable roads in this area"


Can you not use the base maps?

If not can you have two sets of maps at the same time?

One for caching and one for driving?


The base map does not have routing info (bad move Garmin...for such an expensive GPS it should have it).


Yes, you can have multiple maps (I have four: base Topo, City Navigator, 24k Topo for my state which I got at GPSFileDepot, and a trail map of some nearby nature preserves which I created from tracks I found on the web).


City Navigator will get you the routing info you seek.

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As an alternative, you can use the old Metroguide North America, probably cheap on eBay as a used item. You need to convert it to routable using a free program called Metrowizzz (Yep, 3 z's).


If you already have Metroguide NA then your good.


Only drawback is the older maps can have outdated road info at times, but it's not real common for me so far.


You can also google "OSM Routable" and get the OSM (Open Street Maps) that are routable on the 400t. Their site lets you select 'zones' then download the IMG file from their site. You could break the country into several downloads, then put them in the Garmin folder on your device (or the microSD card) and have them enabled for Automotive Profile. They are OK but can be a bit quirky at times - but they are free.


One final alternative would be to pickup a refurb in car navigation unit (Nuvi 205 or similar - try Tiger Direct and other similar sites). I've seen the remanufactured Nuvi 205 for as little as $59, and it includes a full 1 year warranty just like the regular non-refurb. That makes a nice cheap alternative to routing on the 400t, but of course adds a 2nd device to drag around (and/or hide when you get out of the car).

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