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Activating my travel bug (?)

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Can someone please help? I just put my first cache out with a travel bug in it. However, when I came home to activate my travel bug using the travel bug's number, I now realize that I need the activation code off the bag that it came it. I no longer have this. Is there anything I can do to bypass this or do I need to get a new bug and start over? Thank you.

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Exactly the same happened to me today !!!!! :-(


It was my second geocaching experience... just close to my first find.


I decided to leave my brand new travel bug (a gift from a geocaching friend) in this second cache.


I kept the travel bug marked "Copy" and left the other one, brand new in its original small plastic bag.


When I came home, the trackable item page requires an activation code that I was not aware of!!! (I am new to geocaching!!!). So I believe the activation code is in the small bag with the cache, in a small piece of paper with the geocaching logo. I thought it was just a logo paper, advertising only.


The cache is like 90 km north of our house...no chance we are going again any soon. And worst, we are leaving this country (Qatar) in a few weeks.


I will write an email to contact@Groundspeak.com and see if they can get my activation code replaced.... This is my first travel bug placed, and I really want to be able to track it!



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I am glad I was able to activate it !!!! (as the Groudspeak team responded in literally no time!).


So it is now an item I can track, yeah !


( that was precisely my concern, the next person would just take it and activate it.... hehe.... the good thing is the cache is a remote area, so chances were low)

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