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A new geocaching site


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I've started a new website called Creative Caches & Containers. The focus of the website is to not only highlight the creativity seen in geocaches, but also to provide a resource for geocachers looking to make a creative geocache. All articles are planned to include instructions on how to build creative geocaches, including materials needed, planning, placement, etc.


When I was thinking about what to put on the site, I realized that much of the creativity I've seen in my experience deals with either a cache that has a creative container, or a cache with a simple container but a creative method for completing the find. This includes various types of geocaches, so expect to see information about puzzles and multi's alongside traditional hides, and of different sizes.


The website is new, so there are only a few articles at the moment. However, one thing I'd like to do to make this stand out is open it up to reader suggestions. If you have a creative idea that you'd like to share, send me a line. A link to my geocaching profile is at the bottom of the site. Depending on the amount of people contacting me, I might consider having guest writers every once in a while. If you submit a design, you will get credit for bringing the idea to my attention. If you have a creative design that you have found on the trail, contact me with the GC # and I'll make contact with the owner. Just today I posted about a cache I found in North Dallas with permission from the owner.


I'm hoping this idea takes off. I've seen lots of creative designs and wondered how people came up with them or even designed them in some cases. I'd love to be able to provide such a "how-to" resource for all the geocachers out there who are interested. Come check it out and let me know what you think.



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