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What a marvelous thing you have here!

Colonel H. George Cachington
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I'm rather new to these forums of digital talk,

But I've been prattling on since before I could walk.

My colleagues informed me of this place on the 'net,

Where one can ship odds-and-ends off to Tibet?


These "bugs", as you call them, can be plastic or wood?

Or cast in a metal, so as I understood?

And these feature a code that may track their locale?

Which are registered by hiders and seekers, et al.?


Amazing, I say! What a splendid advance!

Perhaps I'll employ this when posting to France.

I shall straightaway gather some interesting things,

Like the wombat's tooth I chanced upon near Alice Springs.


I've rolled up a trove of such baubles and whatnots,

That my study's untidy. Now I'll clear a few spots!

I would hope that my ramblings are not taken as queer,

I shall check back again, when my head's gotten clear.



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Please pardon my wonder, and rambling on,

I've been out of touch, and entirely withdrawn.

After a thorough degree of browsing about,

Perhaps my naiveté brought some lack of clout?


I'm simply curious to query the thoughts of this lot,

For it's peculiar to think what one'll do in a spot.

Do you move "bugs" along with unwavering respect?

Or must you fight off the urge to keep and collect?

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Happy to hear from an honest transporter!

'Tis essential for travellers to lie in safe quarter.

Some knick knacks are precious, or given in kind.

One may not quite realise the treasure they find!


And in speaking of treasure, I've a fondness indeed.

But my wanderlust is by no means driven by greed!

I've a particular fancy for the currencies of old,

Be they pieces of eight, or medallions of gold.


When perusing this website, when first I did join,

I saw mention of travellers in the form of a coin.

Since my queries here are not stimulating much,

Perhaps coins are favoured over trinkets and such?



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Hello there, I'm Eartha, and I'm doing fine.

There's so much info in my signature line.

If you look there you'll see, at least so I think,

The Groundspeak Knowledge Base website link.


Do not think I refer you to brush you away,

I hope you enjoy this and think you will stay.

We welcome new people with wide open arms.

From city slickers to back country farms.


Anything at all you might need to know,

Feel free to ask here, before you go.

Traveling bugs can be so much fun,

grabbing stories and photos, on their run.


If you think you like this tracking game,

There are also trackables by another name.

There's another forum you might want to join,

But beware of the addiction called "Geocoin".


You seem to require the geocoin forum,

and so without too much decorum,

I'll take this thread from the one we have here,

and move it to the ones we have there!

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How nice to see this thread move over to join,

as travelers come in all forms, be they bugs or coins.

Here you will find all the information you yearn

about shapes, sizes, & collectors. There is much to learn.


Coins are my fancy, as most in this side of the wall,

as I can't help but favor the metal and enamel.

I'll sit back now and watch the others chime in,

as the experience garnered here is as vast as the friends.

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I got hooked on these metal pieces of art,

Every day a new design to thump-thump my dear heart.

I converse with my friends, I trade and I buy,

I only have a few that I have been able to let fly.


For coins that go out sometimes don't come in,

Whadyagoin'do? Shrug shoulders and grin.

For the travels they go on are astounding to see,

The ones that make it and allowed to roam free.


But I started my collecting with just a buy or two,

Then started to trade with different people much like you.

Why stop there and miss all the fun,

When you can mint your very own run?


Yes, that's right, a coin all your own to sell and to trade,

To go down in history as something you made.

It'll cost you some money, that is for sure,

But the excitement of your own - there is no cure!


So that's what I did, a coin that reflects who I am,

And others did like it, well I'll be damned!

I was able to sell, to trade and to gift some away,

And then keep a couple for me for a rainy day.


Whatever you do, you'll get lots of advice,

From the various posters here who are all just so nice.

Spend lots of time reading and you'll get the hang of it all,

Jump right in - we're all having a ball!!



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and if you're quite lucky, lucky like me

sometimes in these forums a cointest you'll see

where some trivia, or riddle, or simply a quest

will drive you to figure and guess at your best


if one of these cointests you're lucky to win

you'll rush to your mailbox and look all the way in

for there in an envelope, of padded manila

you'll find there a coin that won't be vanilla!

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for always I have such a hard time with rhythm.


i am more gifted in rhythm than rhyme

but my obsession with geocoins leaves me no time

so i'll post this note quickly and with much haste

so your time and mine i do not waste


design them, collect them, and trade with a friend

to the possibilities really there is no end

admire them, cherish them, or give them away

geocoins can truly be all fun and all play! :shocked:



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What a fun thread…we want to join in

But we dragons aren’t poets, but that’s not a sin.

So, we’ll do our best and try to stay in time

Man, it is tricky to talk only in rhyme


We dragons are drawn to the shiny, the bright.

Our first coin has us hooked…it was such a delight.

We bought them and traded and collected these treasures.

We placed them in caches; their travels we’d measure.


We made our own coin, to share with our friends.

And, thankfully, that is not where it ends.

We traded, and traded, and soon our collection grew

But the ones meant to travel, well, we’re missing a few.


So now our coins sit in binders, boxes and displays

They await for that time, for those special days

We drag them to events to show cachers what we

Have become addicted to, for other to see


If you have a questions just ask this group

They are good people…they’ll give you the scoop.

We are glad you have joined us, here in this thread

This was a nice distraction, 'nuff said.

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Cor blimey! I say! What a smashing salute!

It seems that indeed, this lot favours the loot!

Such heartfeat helloes for a gobsmacked old bean?

I am honoured to enter your geocoin scene!


To Eartha, Delighted to meet you my dear,

Your name would suggest our most beloved sphere?

Oh goodness, I do beg you accept my regret!

I've twaddled, without introduction of yet!


George Cachington here. I am pleased to acquaint,

Me mum, she did name me for her patron saint.

I'm a seeker of sorts, and I travel the globe,

My work does intend to enquire and probe.


Not long ago learned of your clandestine sport,

I was naturally drawn, as the curious sort.

This caching, I'd heard, was a seeking activity,

To which, I indeed, have a hearty proclivity!


And so, I have dabbled in trying your game,

And found that our goals are quite often the same.

My recording of conquests does outwardly lack,

But I've often encountered a beastie attack!


Gadzooks! My dear Toojin, that indeed is my copper!

But I'm gormless to how and to where I did drop her!

How ever did you find that? I am truly aghast.

Shall I tell you the story of how they came to be cast?


I could ramble and pester for hours upon end,

But you'll find I may titillate ears for a bend.

Pray tell, my new mates, would you ask for removal?

For I shan't run my gob without first your approval.



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Please Mr. Cachington. Do tell us your tale,

Of how your coin was minted, and how it then set sail.

Was is carved from finest giant oyster shell?

Or maybe it was forged in the deepest pits of hell?


I have my own geocoin, I made it from tinfoil

I painted it with horses tears and a little olive oil

Then what I did, you may think it quite a farse,

I rolled it up into a ball and shoved it up my... nose

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Good mornings and evenings to those near and abroad,

I would fear that my poetry had been taken as odd.

Since my youth, I've enjoyed jotting notes down in prose,

I have found it quite jaunty and fun I suppose.


Nonetheless, previously, I had planted the seed,

To report on the origin of my coppers indeed.

But in order to properly fathom the pith,

I shall first give a bit of my history, herewith.


As you may know, I travel the world in my quest,

To make known the unknown, putting rumours to rest.

When I learn of a happening pertaining to myth,

I shall spring into action and set off forthwith!


I investigate mysteries, legends and lore.

Seek out destinations to bravely explore.

I've uncovered treasures gone for years undetected,

And had run-ins with beasties that were quite unexpected!


I maintain a journal, on my travels around,

It's at sixes and sevens, but it's solidly bound.

Some pages are tattered, and the ink has bled through,

Yet despite all the wear, every entry is true.


My tales may astonish, amaze and impress,

Or be branded as crap! I'd expect nothing less!

For I fully expect to be doubted and slurred,

But I'll go to the grave knowing all that occurred.


Now enough of my work, I shall move to explain,

Of these dragon-crest coppers, I've come to obtain.

They were gifts from a fellow whom I've known all my life.

In fact, he's the sod, introduced my first wife!


My oldest chum, Nigel, is a mischievous bloke.

He's the sort who will ask for, then snuff out your smoke!

Nigel often pokes fun of my hapless bad luck,

And the events of one day have resounded and stuck.


It was spring of last year, when a rumour got 'round,

That some old Roman coins were have said to been found.

Seems a farmer unearthed a small lot down by Horsham,

And he claimed that a "creature" had made off with his fortune.


I'd been gathering evidence, and from all my research,

I was certain of the place to best start up a search.

Later that afternoon, I set off straightaway,

And arrived on location at the end of the day.


For an account of what transpired, I'll provide you this *link*

You can see for yourself why I'd taken to drink!

And so, now you know what my work is about,

I'd certainly expect that you're still left with doubt.


After that perfectly miserable experience near Southwater,

Nigel commissioned "The Treasure" through a mate of his daughter.

He said "George, you shall have all of your loot nonetheless!",

Such a dadgum clever lark that I've sworn to redress!


And so now you know how those coins came to be,

They're a treasure of sorts, borne of tomfoolery.

I'll return once again to share more from my journal,

But for now, an adieu, from your good friend, the Colonel.



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Now that I have told you of my copper coin's start,

I would fancy to hear how folks came to this art.

I'm simply enthused to learn more of this thing!

This modern-day reach for the fabled brass ring.


As I comb through this forum, note a common desire,

'Tis a passion for metal, to behold and acquire.

Geocoins, as you call them, are indeed then a treasure!

Their value determined by individual measure.


What brought you to seek them? Just why are you here?

Do start up a dialogue and I'll lend you my ear.

Despite my esprit, there's no requirement to rhyme,

And please, by all means, don't feel threatened by mine!


Please do not be shy, and do not feel inept.

For in my high regard, your responses are kept.

What types of these coins do most seem to prefer?

Are there gathering spots where this lot does confer?



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Now that I have told you of my copper coin's start,

I would fancy to hear how folks came to this art.


What brought you to seek them? Just why are you here?

Do start up a dialogue and I'll lend you my ear.

Despite my esprit, there's no requirement to rhyme,

And please, by all means, don't feel threatened by mine!


Please do not be shy, and do not feel inept.

For in my high regard, your responses are kept.

What types of these coins do most seem to prefer?

Are there gathering spots where this lot does confer?




I note your speech up above, regards the theory to rhyme,

and I feel obligated to do so, if given the time.


However, since I'm on the road, and you asked. Well, I'll just respond :lol: I would love to tell you what inside me makes ooooh shiny hunks of metal so tantalizing. But I just can't grasp the concept. So I just roll with it. Something about the chase, the feel, the . . . Well. You've got a copper thing going, so I think you're getting the idea.


Maybe I'll have time to write later, but it's going to be a busy time. You see, Geocoinfest is coming up, in Salt Lake City. A few of the folks here on the forums will be heading out there next week, so don't be surprised if the responses to your questions thin out then :) That's where we all "confer" (besides here).



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yeah ok good cause the whole sonnet thing was proving too much of a brain strain :) Perhaps 3 lines requires a little more explanation although others in the forum have heard my story before.

walking down slowly

in plastic box no treasure


on fluttering leaves gold

This was about a walk back to the car through the rainforest, wet leaves a-glitter in the sunset and the mountain behind glowed as red as Uluru after a looong hike to a cache called Rolland in the Clouds. Personal milestone in 2006 for the difficulty level. At the top was a micro! complete with a classic broken plastic toy, awesome scenery all around and the most exhilarating feeling of achievement.


Done because i was desperate to win an Australian 2006 geocoin. This was a prize in a caching contest. It was one of several big hikes for this contest and the start of an addiction to harder walks as well as geocoins. I went off hikeless caches after that.


Another girl and i were doing these very hard caches, separately, battling it out for 10th place - although I drew the line at appalling weather Amy cached in the rain and lightening ;) We both missed out by 'that much' on a prize. The coin lust stuck. I left her a Dressel dragon to commemorate the epic effort (" in every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks ") and graduated to minting the annual Aussie coin for prizes.cheers.

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So a gathering this week in the States, did you say?

Where I'm likely to see metal treasures displayed?

Near the Great Salt Lake, a few days I could spend,

By all means, I am game! I shall surely attend!


I've once been to Utah, on a roadie through the West.

Oh what wondrous vistas! Your land has been blessed!

From the arches near Moab, to the towers of Bryce.

To see these once more, dare I even think twice?


No matter at all that the time is so short,

Let me query to find us a means of transport.

I've given a ring to my planner just now,

Good Gerta, she's been a most helpful old frau.


One needs a good friend such as she in a pinch,

She'll arrange my itinerary, and be done in a cinch!

Not a once has she quibbled at my impulsive ways,

I'll be off in a whirlwind, in a matter of days!


On the subject of impulse, I would tend to expect,

That this venue of coins has a wealth to collect.

Some shiny and polished, some tattered and worn.

Much akin to the one my dragoncrest does adorn.


Oh dear, I've been daft, and I've now realized,

That this tired old sod won't be at all recognized.

However shall you spot me in that large-scale soiree?

Just look for my dragoncrest, and you'll know straight away!


And so I must pack up and prepare for my outing,

Programme my device and then follow the routing!

I'll look forward to adventures to add to my journal,

Do be sure to stop by and shake hands with the Colonel!





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rumour has it the colonel was seen

all dapper and dashing representing the Queen

the sighting was reported at the GeoCoinFest

can anyone verify, testify, or attest?


if the rumour is true, then colonel please tell

of your adventure to Salt Lake and please tell it well

did you encounter a beast or a monster or dragon?!

and treasures galore to fill up your wagon?


i await the tale, your story, your yarn

as i envy the journey you've made...oh darn!

i wish i could be there to live out that story

but for now i'll just read it and imagine the glory


can you post a picture or an image or two

to enhance the tale and more vividly view

the riches the colors the shine and the sheen

within this venue where last the colonel was seen?! :(

Edited by Odyssey Voyager
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It took me a bit and I'm finally here,

a hug and a wink while drinkin' your beer.

A dashing young man who's into his prime,

much better than Depp or squeezing the Yime.


A studly mannered figure of obvious royal decree,

had the coiners all bowing and down on their knee.

The trumpets did shout in all your royal delight,

a flip of the cape, you shut down for the (k)night.


On to geopoker you traveled to sit with your court,

wild cards and fine chips that you decided to sport.

You were eventually beheaded by the deadly card's sword,

missed out on the prize of a pirates coin hoard.


While packing my gear to leave Salt Lake City,

I checked out my loot and saw the coin in the kitty.

While loading my truck, upon my window did appear,

a note from The Colonel with a wish of good cheer.


Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!

On, Comet! on Cupid! on, Donder and Blitzen!

oh, sorry, got side tracked, it just sounded kinda good :P

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Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!

On, Comet! on Cupid! on, Donder and Blitzen!

oh, sorry, got side tracked, it just sounded kinda good :D




Now I dont know who you are, This is hellava funny :P Thanks for making me smile and laugh like crazy! I really needed that.

Edited by sweetlife
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Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!

On, Comet! on Cupid! on, Donder and Blitzen!

oh, sorry, got side tracked, it just sounded kinda good :P

And Tsun was nestled all snug in her bed

While visions of shiny-coins danced in her head

But I heard her exclaim as she drove out of sight

"Happy Caching to all, and to all a good-night!"


(sorry, but it seems someone had an early Christmas...lol...thanks for the laughs)

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I’ve come across this rhyming thread

While cruising forums from my bed

It made me laugh it made me smile

And made me think a little while

Though some rhymes are quite precarious

The end result has been hilarious

So I offer the dashing Colonel

May his spirits never sag

To place this thread within a journal

The Online Geocacher mag

To spread the fun and rhyme and reason

For readers there, it would be pleasin’

If you would agree to that

I would grin like Cheshire’s cat.

May all who’ve posted in this thread

Allow me to use what you’ve said

For if we had to take some out

Then the whole would lose its clout

Now that I have made my plea

I sure hope you all agree



A parting wish for you the colonel

May rhyming fun be yours eternal.

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I stumbled across this Cachington thread

When I should have been tucked snugly in bed.

But I felt I had to embellish these tales,

By flagging up Cachington's frolics in Wales.


Newcastle Emlyn is a fair place,

With cafes, and banks for drawing cash.

And follow Twm-y-Tonnau's chase,

To GC11JCN, (a cache).


"The Last Welsh Dragon" - the listing name,

A "multi" of high degree, I'd say.

But last year, it attracted fame,

Because of one rogue log attained in May.


A "DNF" - but full of riddle play,

By "Colonel George H. Cachington" (0 found).

And hark at GC146JA!

The "Colonel's" struck on Merlin's mound!


Last year. to note the colonel's pranks,

I launched, a geocoin for him

Now in Reading, near the Thames' banks,

It sits there. somewhat out on a limb.


I hope this item will be picked up,

To reach the "Colonel", by road or rail.

It comes in peace, it must move up,


Edited by Tortoiseshell
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wow!! how cool of this i must say

oh pardon me mister,, my name is Jay

i rope in music and coins all the time

im a young fellow, and i like this rhyme


i dj and spin when ever i can

i have a small child and a family man

my girl is 2 and shes so much fun

she loves some coins and weighs a ton


your tales of dragons and travel i read

your coins of copper and quickness and speed

your way of writing is really quite cool

i must say i could get used to this too


its 2 am and i must go sleep

just thought id chime in and make a small peep

seems by your rhyme your quite the guy

i talk to ya soon , take care, bye bye !!!

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Something has been sticking in my craw

I don't know what to make of it.

I think it was something that I saw,

A thread title, yes, that was it!

I wonder why, if the Colonel's a Brit,

That he would use the word "Allo?"

Because that is how the French answer

their phones, they say Allo?

Do the Brits say "Allo? as well?

And use it in the same way?

If I call a friend across the pond,

Is "Allo?" what they will say?

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The sir is missing ,where did he go?

answers to questions, like eartha's allo.

maybe hes lost on an adventure he spun?

maybe gfc was way too much fun?


will he return to speak in rhymes?

maybe hes busy with not much time?

oh sir, i say, please do not stray

come back again and stay for a day.


i found your words and was quite fond

i was hoping to make a bond

but now your gone, no where in sight

dangerous dragons may come to life


oh sir i say where did you go?

if you come back please let me know. :)

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