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help transferring tracks - Garmin Oregon 400t

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Hello, so I am admittedly new to GPS. I am attempting to transfer tracks from my unit to mapsource. I open mapsource with the device connected and mapsource finds the device fine. However, when I attempt to transfer tracks it states that there are no tracks on the device. I went back to the device and I can pull them up on the device, so I can't figure out why it can't find them. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Don't go through the Mapsource transfer process for the tracks when sending tracks from unit to Mapsource. Connect unit to PC and open the Garmin Drive and open your saved track that is in the GPX folder with Mapsource: Garmin[drive]/Garmin/GPX/your saved GPX track file


edit: Mapsource transfer process will transfer the file track in the Current GPX folder. It sounds like you saved the track and cleared the Current track log (which is what I do) therefore no track info. in the Current.gpx folder to transfer.

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