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Just about the main reason to become a premium member is the use of pocket queries. And just about my biggest frustration every time that I visit the website is the absence of a quick way to return to the pocket query page.


I know that I can use www.geocaching.com/pocket to get there straight away (and I have this book marked), but why oh why is it not a menu option in the main menu? I can only click a link to get to pocket queries from a few pages, and I can't go there directly from either of the three pages that I would really expect to be able to - ie from viewing a cache, from viewing the results of a search or from viewing the results of a pocket query itself.


I've searched for if this has been discussed before and couldn't find it (partly because the search function for the forums are imasculated by the requirement for search terms to be > 4 characters long (though Groundspeak isn't alone in this, so I don't criticise it if it is a sensible management tool to reduce server load)) either through searching in the forum using the site's search functionality or via the google site search.


Thanks for reading!



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I would agree that a link to the main pocket query index page would be a great addition to the pocket query results preview page. The existing link on that page takes you to the advanced search function, which is illogical. Navigation should go back to where I came from, not to an entirely different search page. I am constantly using the "back" button to get around this, but that doesn't work well if one is 8 pages deep into the search results.

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If you start at www.geocaching.com/my/ you can find a link in the sidebar on the right in the Premium Features' section.


Yes, I was aware of that. But it is in micro-vision and below the normal scroll line. The right hand side menu is where the most important choices should be linked. We can debate whether "find a benchmark" or "resources" are useful menu items, but surely "My pocket queries" would be one of the highest traffic items, particularly for new premium members. From reading the forums here, a large number of the discussions revolve around PQs, and they are the single feature which most premium members pay for (aren't they?).


I would like to be able to return to the PQ listing from any page on the site, and the best place to do that would be to add a menu item on the right hand side.


Maybe its only me that finds the current arrangements non-intuitive?



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... the best place to do that would be to add a menu item on the right hand side.



Agreed! Except I think you mean the left hand side :blink:




Indeed I did!! I've been accused of not being able to distinguish my elbow from another part of my anatomy, but I normally credit myself with getting left and right correct!!





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that section is way too far down in the hierarchy


Absolutely! lawd, all the good stuff is below the scroll line. Above the scroll line is the prime real estate on a web page. Put the PREMIUM MEMBER features in that space.


Premium Features


Search Options


My Inventory


User Routes


Field Notes


Account Options


Geocache Google Earth Viewer


Stat Bar




Geocaching with Twitter



and every darn time I log something, I have to go "below the fold" to find the Submit log button. This even though there's gobs of blank space around the log entry box!

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