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Oregon 400i and adding topo maps - possible?

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I'm trying to come up to speed on the Oregon 400 series now that I am resigned to sending back my Lowrance Endura Sierra. I fish a lot so the 400i seems to be down my lane since it has the inalnd lakes preloaded. Does that mean I am left with a basic basemap as far as topo/POI/terrain is considered? I in fact use it for both (and roads too, especially rural roads and state/national park jeep trails) so am unsure which version to get.


I have a Garmin Topo US 2008 with the 100 foot contours - can I load these onto the 400i? They do not seem to have a 24k topo for my area (Virginia yet) that I can tell.

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you should not have any problem loading those maps those maps, just because yours is the I series doesnt mean other maps cant be loaded i own the T series but also loaded the Bluecharts which would normaly come as default with the C series oregon. You can then switch between both with different profile setups.

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I'm reading other posts about dissatisfaction with the detail or even presence of many lakes on the Inland Lakes map. I fish smaller lakes so can only imagine many of mine won't be on it either. If so I am probably better off with the topo and just use whatever lakes come on that. Just to confirm - the 400t comes with US topo preloaded? The entire US? No sending of map quadrants and updating as needed?

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Just to confirm - the 400t comes with US topo preloaded? The entire US? No sending of map quadrants and updating as needed?

Yes, the 400t comes preloaded with 100k topos for the entire US, but the map image can be off by as much as a couple hundred feet or more. I bought the 400t but I disabled the pre-installed TOPOs within a couple of weeks. I have the DVD versions City Navigator NT and TOPO U.S. 24K (west) installed on the netbook I travel with and I just upload maps for the area I'm in to the GPSr as needed. That works perfectly and gives me the option of using the mapping software on my computer for route planning, printing hard-copy maps, and waypoint management.


In retrospect, I wish I'd just purchased the Oregon 300 and saved the extra $100.



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