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Cointest! Waiting for Bill


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Hello everybody!


I sit here on Saturday morning waiting for hurricane Bill to arrive. The latest forecast shows that it will come close enough to Halifax for us to feel the full power of its strongest winds. We'll see if that comes to pass.


Here's the contest:


What will be the maximum sustained winds recorded in Halifax (in miles or kilometers per hour)?


When will this be recorded?


For some background data, check out Stormpulse


I will accept entries for the next 24 hours. The person who guesses the closest to both questions will win.


Please don't post more than once an hour, and no editing of posts.


I'll post the winner on Monday, or whenever power is restored! :blink:


Now I'm off to try and get some shoreline caches before Bill's storm surge washes them away.

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Well on this guess I take a different tack, the big high pressure that is over greenland that has been giving us a, ohh can't say that word here on the forums, rotten summer will push Bill away from you, and the cooler waters of the north will down grade the hurricane to a himane :P this guess is 75 km/hr @ 3:15 pm

gotta keep you smiling, take care

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Thanx for the cointest. What will the prize be? I certainly hope that you and all of your friends and family are ok after Bill passes by.


I will guess the maximum sustained winds will be 70 MPH, and will be logged at noon on 8/23/09.


Hmm. Something to do with the sea, since that is where Bill was spawned.


How about an Earth Turtle Oceanic? And maybe I'll throw something else in as well.


Thanks for all the well wishes. We had a beautiful day today. It was too hot and muggy to go caching, so I took the family swimming. The caches will just have to survive so I can discover them in the future.

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I could either take a stab in the dark and guess or consult the brains trust and make an educated guess. :) Utilising the brains trust, the prediction is 73mph at 4.00am 24 August.


Oh, that's right, this is mother nature we are talking about - so you better make our prediction a stab in the dark! :P


We hope the hurricane doesn't cause too much mayhem or damage and that all are kept safe and well.


Take care everyone.

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