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20 questions cointest for the kids

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1) I guess I'll start smile.gif. Does it have colored enamel? - no


6) She wants to know if there is an animal on it? - yes


10) Is the animal on the coin a Mammal? - no


11) Is the animal on the coin a Reptile? - no


12) Is the animal on the coin an Amphibian? - no


13) Is the animal on the coin an Insect? - no


17) is there a fish on it? - yes


all those coin guesses so far are not correct.


I remembered something I forgot becasuse of the cointest...

Fish are not Amphibians, from the internet:

A major difference between the two classifications is that amphibians breathe using gills or spiracles when they are young and develop lungs as they grow: fish rely on gills for their entire lives


I told my parents I was not wasting time :blink:


Is it Cach & Reelease Geocoin ?

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Ok here is what I know so far:

1. No colored enamel

2. No Moving parts

3. It is Round

4. It is not a solid color

5. It is not an older geocoin

6. It has na animal on it

7. The animal is a fish

8. There is only 1 fish


Is there a boat on it

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Dad said enough guessing we are going to get a few caches...


so here are my final guess all at once:


Porcupine Fish Personal


Clown Trigger Fish Personal


Box Fish Personal


Emperor Fish Personal


Surgeon Fish Personal


Piranha Geocoins


thank you for the cointest it was fun and I even learned something

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not those either.


i either under estimated the amount of fishy type coins.....or i am useless at running a cointest.


I think it's a great cointest and Fredhead and i and all the others have a lot of fun playing here :)

The cointest rocks :P

And even if there are more fish-coins then you thought.....so it's hard work to find out the right and this makes it even mire funny :D

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you havent got it yet :P


the problem is that i don`t know where to continue searching :)

I looked in every place whick came into my mind, but it seems like this are nit the right places :D


Maybe Fredhead has an idea, which coin it could be.....i think i have to wait til he returns from caching to get to know whick coin you mean :D :D

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