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Garmin Nuvi 360

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Hi, I use my Garmin Colorado to physically seek out a cache, but I love having the coordinates in my Nuvi also because it reduces the need for lots of sudden stops and U-turns. The directions are easier to follow than constantly staring at the Colorado, but I am having some coordinate adding and deleting problems.


I know how to add all my caches to my Garmin Nuvi 360 with GSAK, but I have no idea how to delete them all at once without deleting my other favorite coordinates added. Does anyone know of a secret, macro, or program that I can use to add and delete only cache coordinates? Re-adding all my saved coordinates every go-around or deleting the caches by hand is getting very old.


I have tried to use an SD card, but I have no idea how to make sure that I'm adding the coordinates to the card and not the Nuvi itself. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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The Waypoints can't be loaded to the SD card, BUT you can load the caches to the nuvi as Custom POIs using Garmin's POI Loader software. Then it would a a simple matter of deleting the POI.GPI to delete all the Custom POIs.


BTW, once they are loaded to the nuvi a Waypoints, the unit can't distinguish them from the other Waypoints.


Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I had no idea the POI loader software even existed! It's made my life so much better. I got it to work on my future in-laws' Nuvi 260 coupled with a macro I found from GSAK. I won't get a chance to test it on my 360 until tomorrow when my fiance gets back from a business trip. Thank you, thank you!


By the way, for anyone else is wondering about this, I stumbled on an excellent paperless caching tutorial that helps a lot with your nuvi and with GSAK. It will help newbies more than advanced users, but it's worth a look.


Garmin GPS: True Paperless Caching

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