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Visiting London and Ireland

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My sister and I will be arriving in London on Sunday September 9, 2009 and leaving for Ireland on Thursday morning, the 1oth. Then will will be on a 6 day bus tour of southern Ireland.


We would love to meet some UK cachers and hand off some travel bugs and geocoins that have the goal of reaching Ireland.

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Oh my, I'm so excited about my trip that I made a mistake on the dates!


Arriving in London Sunday Sept. 6 and departing Thursday morning Sept. 10.

Spending the day on Sunday the 6th with friends from SW England. (They are taking the train to London for a day trip.)

Tuesday the 8th will be a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath.


Hoping to get help from a UK cacher who might be headed to Ireland as the bus tour isn't going to make it easy to find a regular cache to drop them.


I'll email Windsockers with the Ireland itinerary.

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Mega thanks to The Windsockers and Hezekiah for meeting us in Dublin! :rolleyes:


We had the opportunity to cache with Windsockers on 2 occasions and Hezekiah on one. Great to get to know these cachers and found many cachers with them as our local guides and historians. Will log our finds ASAP. :)


Almost had an FTF in Cashel but the darn tour bus wanted to pull out just as I reached ground zero at Rock of Cache. Can't wait to roll out the red carpet for them if they ever end up any where near Ohio. ;)

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