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Maps and Ignore List


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I've added a few nearby caches (e.g. a few require a boat and one is a challenge I can't complete any time soon) to my Ignore list.


When I view nearby caches (from http://www.geocaching.com/my/ I clicked the filter out finds link), the challenge cache still shows up on the map even though it wasn't on the list which was displayed!




The challenge cache is the Unknown/Mystery just above center.


The only differences between the caches on my ignore list:

1. the challenge is an unknown/mystery, the others are traditional

2. the unknown/mystery cache was the first cache I added to my ignore list


I tried removing the unknown/mystery cache and adding it again...same result.


Is this a known bug with unknown/mystery caches? :lol:

Is this a known bug with the first cache added to a bookmark list? :)


Or have I discovered a new bug in the system? :P

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