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Riddle Ideas?

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OK, here's a quick one.




My first is in hole but not in burrow

My second is in field but not in furrow

My third is in road but not in trail

My fourth is in haddock but not in whale

My fifth is in earth but not in star

My sixth is in near but not in far


I tried to use "countryside" words but failed a bit with haddock and whale :(


If you want to make people really groan, you can ask them to find the hidden word!

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This is fun. Here's another, no answer this time....


My first is in Bletchley but not in Park

My second in submarine, not in ark

My third in codebreaker but not in spy

My fourth is in girl but not in guy

My fifth is in hormone but not in cure

My last in gravestone and not endure

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