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What is considered as Good Value Swag?

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I was reading a forum note sometime this week end(cant find it now) and they were mentioning the cache swag being kind of poor quality lately.

I am fairly new at this and in SE Kansas so what I have been finding is mostly small stuffed animals, key chains, cheap jewelry and an occasional pin back button. I dont know if these would be considered low grade or not since that is about all I am finding in a short time.

What would be considered GOOD swag. Also does the type of swag vary from location to location?


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Usually when someone says the quality of the swag is bad, I think they mean dirty, broken or worn.

In my opinion the things you list would be fine for swag, as long as they are clean, and in new or like new condition.


Most people are not looking for real treasure, just nice clean usable trinkets.

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Keys to a new Corvette would be nice :P


This is really debatable and something a lot of geocachers disagree on since we all like different things. My family likes finding the signature items more than anything else, some like collectibles, and some want to find the cute little toys and stuff for the kids. If everyone would just follow the "trade even or up" rule, each cache should contain enough of a variety to make everyone happy (providing it's large enough to handle at least 5 or so items.) If it's your cache and you want to know what to start it out with, throw in a variety of items. If you're just trading on someone else's cache, trade up or even and the actual object shouldn't matter.

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clean new stuff.


I prefer to leave small trinkets for the kids. If these items look new and shiny, the kids will be happy.


We leave:

pencils, erasers, super balls, parachute men, snap bracelets, spinning tops, plastic animals.


We don't spend too much on the stuff. We buy it at the party store, or the toy store.

Ya don't have to spend more than a buck on stuff to make the kids happy.


I have seen toys worth $10 in caches before, but I can't afford that.

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I think a fair mixture even through the quality of some caches have a lot to be desired. Its not often we take and replace items in caches, but if something catches minitext's eyes she will ask. out of 40 ish caches today we moved a tb along (and replaced him with an item) and later on swapped it for a a plastic toy (so the cache has something worth more than it did).


Yes one mans rubbish is another mans gold, but some caches do need to be looked at. You dont need to spend a fortune, just look at your cache and see if their is anything you could change within, well my 2 pence worth anyway.

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If you're into it, you can always leave hand-made items. Personal touch adds a lot of value for many people (and almost zero cost for you!)


In our caches, I tend to leave one piece of silver jewellery as top-swag. Yesterday night, I spent time hand-painting small stones for our coming themed cache, I also have some bookmarks (for bigger boxes!) or beaded animals. Be creative and have fun!

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I like to assure my caches have some unique items -- not the purchased "enmass" plastic junk. Doesn't matter if toys or not. Garage sales, yard sales, etc. are the best source of this material. Usually dirt cheap, oftentimes 1 cent per dollar value.


As another outlet, I have a "take only (trade only if you have some) polished stone" cache. I have been polishing (tumbling along with cut & polishing) stones for years and have great excess, so........... I use them here. A little different as I think different is good B) . But, some say I am different ;) .


I/we also inspect and clean the "junk" out of our caches regularly. Besides, it's mine and I maintain it the way I want :D .


It's all a matter of personal choice. If you lean to making the kids happy, Mctoys are fine.


So I say to you, it's your cache, handle it the way you want ;) !

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We've left polished pebbles (many different bright colours that kids love) and different things from the dollar store, such as mini first aid kits, decks of cards, pocket/travelling games, radios, mini sewing kits, eyeglass repair kits and toys. And "jewellery," stickers, and scratch lottery tickets. From a nearby small museum, we have also used First Nations Spirit Coins - each has a native design on the front, with a word on the back - wisdom, patience, etc. These have proved very popular.

Most of the time we don't trade, as for us, it is about the hunt. If a cache is looking a bit low...we'll put stuff in, even if we don't take anything.

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The best swag I have found is keys to a 1995 Mack Tractor (big rig) If I can find the truck, I can keep it. I am now on a true world wide treasure hunt. The truck is said to be :In fine running condition, clean, safe and inspected."

Oneday I may find it. I picked up the keys at a truckstop in Tennessee. I did try every truck in the lot, no luck. ( I am a driver and checked with other driver before I touched their truck) On day I may get lucky and find it.

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Just leave things that you would like to find...

Very well said. If I was buying a gift for a party and I didn't know the person, but they are a F of a F, I would buy something that I like. So to all my fellow cachers out there, my caches have cool swag, well the one I placed so far....

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