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Please forgive me if this topic is located someplace else. I searched and searched for over an hour and came up empty... I've had Geocaches like that so it doesn't mean it isn't there now does it...


Okay, here's my problem.


I know back about a year ago I discovered how google earth would show geocaches (I had been using it for sometime for other things and have about 50-60 locations (like fishing honey holes provided by local guides, All my customers locations - literally hours of work). So cautiously I embarked on adding the KML feature and did so without a hitch.


Later I found out that I couldn't do caches along a route and signed up for Google Earth Plus. Things worked great and I really liked it. However, I haven't used it in some time.


Now I go on and the first problem I encounter is No caches showing up. Google Earth KML Network Disabled - all it gives you is the link to Geocaching.com


Playing arround with it trying to figure out what's wrong I stumble into the need to update to 5.x of Google Earth. So I go through the necessary steps and find out that the results are the same. KML network disabled.


Then I discover Google Earth Plus is no more. I can't seem to pull up my registration info and a while back I had a crash and lost all my older Password and registration info that I had saved... I tried to retrive online via Google Earth's web site but nothing seems to work. I must admit I'm a bit ticked about the change and forcing the more expensive $400 Google Pro which I do not need...


On the bright side I now the latest Google Earth loaded and all my places/locations are intact, just no caches.


So I'm at square one... No caches show up... I know it's me and I'm doing something wrong.


Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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