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GSAK can add the first 30 characters of a hint, otherwise no. You should look into buying a cheap PDA and using the program Cachemate to view hints and descriptions.


as you can tell i am new to this. how do i get it on my gps.


For the most part you can't.


If you have a smart phone there are lots of applications out there for almost any phone on the market that will provide you the entire cache listing at your fingertips. My blackberry has been a wonderful companion on caching adventures.

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Yes you can. :laughing:


You can get around the 30 character limit by loading the caches as POI`s with Garmin free POI Loader and the help of GSAK (free with nag screen or $25) and this macro ( free). There is an 88 character limit on each page so if it goes over that it will create more POI pages.

I load the caches as waypoint ( or as geocaches if you use this feature ) and POI with just the hints loaded with the POI. If I do need the hint I just do a find/POI option to look it up.


You could also copy and paste the hints into the waypoint field note section in mapsource but run into the 30 character limit for waypoints.

EasyGPS also has the option to load the hints but again the 30 limit.

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