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The City Beautiful

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Not every beautiful place requires a hike. Some beautiful cache locations can be found in the city. Please post your favorite urban cache photos. It would be great if you'd include the GC number or link to the cache.


I'll start with Chickasaw Gardens GCTFPX, which is a breathtakingly beautiful park located in central Memphis right next to the Pink Palace Museum.


Houses along the Park



A Bridge



Like an Impressionist Painting


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Mackinac Mooch



Tip O' the Thumb


(and to show that it is urban...it was a micro attached to the yellow rail)



Ranger Boot Camp (these are actually taken a little ways from the cache, but in the same zoo)




Better Than Bread Crumbs! (another zoo. This inukshuk is at the cache site)



Rowsell T. Merrill's Vision



Head On Over


(I haven't actually looked for this cache yet. The image is from my waymark at the same location)

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Wow! You guys rock! These are great photos. Someone here has a tagline that says "Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." I think these photos definitely show that everyone here packs a bit of the beautiful in their cacher's gear. :laughing:


Here is another from downtown Memphis, right near our Pyramid:


Ramsses' Tomb (If you're ever in Memphis and enjoy puzzle caches, this is the one to go for.)


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These are replicas of the Portas de Cidades ("Gates of the City"), a monument in the city of Ponta Delgada, on the island of Saint Michael (Sao Miguel), Azores. Ponta Delgada was declared Sister City to the city this replica resides in, Fall River, MA.



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Just returned from a trip to Chicago and enjoyed almost the only geocaching I've had time for since August. Chicago is a beautiful city and we found a cache in the center of that beauty. So here are my shots from Down in Front (GC1PTQM)


View from the Cache



City garden near the cache



Red tree against white building



Sculpture in Millennium Park (near cache)


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Yeah, those are really beautiful urban location photos, that's for sure. Too bad that a couple of them are surrounded by total gang ridden high crime slums.


And yes, I know this because I have personally been there.


The Great Falls of the Passaic certainly qualifies as a beautiful place in a gang ridden high crime area. Going there at night is not a good idea.

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Looking downward from the Empire State Building at skyscrapers so close together you can't even see the ground:



Times Square on a quiet morning:



An icky green pond near The Castle in Central Park:



I posted a bunch more pictures from the NYC trip to my website.


Here's Canal Street in New Orleans as seen from View Carre:



And a swampy grove in a nearby cemetery:



In Honolulu, the site of my 4,000th find was in the coolest cemetery I've ever seen:


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