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WAAS = High sensitivity?


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... and the blue eTrex Legend does NOT have a high-sensitivity receiver.


Garmin now makes a blue Etrex Legend H, which does have a newer high-sensitivity chipset. The new model also upgrades the 8mb of map storage the original had to 24mb. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=30120&ra=true Don't ask me why they came out with this model, as for around the same price I would buy a VentureHC which is a much better unit.


As every one has said avoid any etrex that doesn't have an H in its model.

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Does the blue Legend have a better reciever than the eTrex Camo?


Most likely the Camo and the old blue Legend have the same basic reciever.


You will want an H designated unit if you go with a Garmin line (or any other unit that states "High Sensitivity" in the specifications).


The older Camo and Legend in the eTrex line are fine as backups or winter units (maybe even urban caching) but if you ever plan on being in difficult conditions (under tree cover, lots of tall buildings, down in a steep sided valley or ravine) then a High Sensitivity unit is a must.


As others have posted - there refurbished units out there that get pricing very low on some of the newer units and most likely come with the same 1 year warranty in many cases.

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Does the blue Legend have a better reciever than the eTrex Camo?

No - those are nearly identical units.


If you want an eTrex model - defintely get one with an "H" in the name.


WAAS enhances the accuracy of the reading by taking into account atmospheric condtions in your area (broadcast corrections by a few select of the GPS sats). A high sensitivity chip more simply is able to pick up and lock onto very weak signals from any of the GPS sats. Such conditions can occur under heavy tree cover or in canyons (natural or cityscape).

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The Venture HC is a great first unit. If the price is too high, look for a refurb.


I think people should also realize that the new Venture HC should not, in any way, be confused with the old green etrex venture. :laughing: The new ones are basically the same thing as what the old eTrex legend was in terms of capabilities. They now have full mapping capability rather than just a point database in the old models.




Venture HC = Legend HCX minus expandable memory

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