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Caches and Events Worth Planning a Trip TO DO.

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I have been following Geowoodstock around the country since 2005 and even if it wasn't being held in the Emerald City next year, I had planned to hit the A.P.E. cache, Original Stash, and the Lily Pad because they are on my TO DO list.


I know JoGPS went to South America to recover a lost A.P.E. cache as well as following his creation around the country.


Monkeybrad added an over night and nearly 200 miles to his trip to do MY cache on the way to GW6.


Have ya done it? What cache(s)?


What cache or event would reasonably be worth YOUR time and expense just to be able to claim a find in the future? (By "reasonably," I mean an actual cache you have the means to go hunt. Not some far fetched wishful adventure that you'll probably never do. I.E. I'd love to do that cache on the bottom of the ocean, but I don't have the means to rent an ALVIN submarine to get me down to that depth.)


It's totally cool to repeat what others have posted in your own words. Word of mouth is a good thang. :rolleyes:

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I recently posted in a different thread that talked about wandering caches, which inspired me to go and check to see if this one was still active:




I was doing some prep work for what was to be a trip to Cuba at the time and I liked the idea of this particular one. We ended up vacationing somewhere else, but this one is definately on my to do list... I guess I like the added difficulty in locating the correct horsecart driver and then the cloak and dagger aspect of the password.



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Visit the Event Page listing: Waypoint: GC1VNMW


Calling all Geocachers! Seasoned pros, newbie cachers, hikers, bikers, kayakers, campers, nature lovers and adventure seekers! Come one, come all and join us December 4 - 6 for a weekend of good old-fashioned fun with a high tech twist!


Also visit our personal website: http://www.cacheapalooza.com




A cache worth trying is THE GHOST ORCHID





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When I first read about Mingo I wondered how I could justify a trip from Long Island, New York. About a year later I took a 13 week job in Phoenix, partly so I could drive through Kansas. I also managed to pick up several new states going there and back and picked up a bunch of great caches in AZ. Ended up taking about 16 weeks, but I accomplished my goal!

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APE and the original/unoriginal stashes are the only caches that I have taken an overnight (or three night) trip to do -- a whirlwind adventure with a great group of cachers. But with the traveling GPS Adventures cache coming to an area within reach next year, some of us are already talking about a trip for that one.


Apart from that, we will decide to visit an area for one reason or the other and I hope to find interesting caches that might take me to places that I would not have visited or may not have known about. I have gone out of my way for some caches (including many my favorites list in my profile), but I would not have made the trip itself just to do the cache.


Sometimes its a fine line. I noticed One Giant Step (GC7D0) when we were in the area and did not have the time or the logistical requirements to do it then, but it put Tuweep on my "to do" list when we go back next year. It will add a night, and although I would want to go there even if there was no cache, I wonder if I would be as focused on going to that particular spot without caching?


Another such cache, Trinity Site (GC22C0), was recently archived -- so the real question is whether I will go to there now that it does not have a cache. It probably dropped a few notches down on my list -- and given the timing required for that particular location and a family that does not seem to want to visit the site, we may decide to do other things.

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I am planning Tube Torcher II in February.


For me the Cache across America was worth the couple of days and hundreds of miles to complete before Geowoodstock.


I am also trying to get any of the caches out in the Racetrack Playa in Death Valley, but my primary interest is the fact that it is the lowest elevation in the US.

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Good God, the number of times I have travelled and stayed overnight on a caching trip is pretty much uncountable. There is an event about 500km away I will be heading to in a month or so. My missus and I did 8200km by motorbike over 29 days in March/April this year, and it was all about caching. I did 900km in a day to grab 9 caches last year.

Next year, a round trip of about 3000km will be done to attend Australia's first mega event. Dont know as yet if it will be by bike or 4wd.

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