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How do I know if I am too close?


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I am trying to find out how to tell if the coordinates of where I am placing a new cache is too close to an existing cache. Twice I have returned home only to have to go pick up the cache and move it to a new location. I knew there was an existing one in the area but I did not know it was less than .10 mile. Is there a way I can do the math?

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Depending on your GPSr you could just go to your prospective hide location and then use your GPSr to locate the closest Geocache. I use my Oregon to do this when doing my hides.


I only have two hides, but wanted them both on this one particular trail.


When I decided on the general area, I identified my favorite hide site, then marked a waypoint and kept my navigation on it while I hiked on around the trail and identified another spot that met the .10 mile 'rule of thumb'.


I was actually only about 540 or 550 feet I think - so I was pretty close the 528 foot (.1 mile) requirement - it worked out.

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I should elaborate on 'depending on your GPSr'.


You should have all the caches for the area where you are planning your hide loaded to your GPSr either via a Pocket Query and resultant GPX file, or by adding waypoints.


This of course can be difficult to do if you didn't plan on placement before hand. I identified my hiding area almost a month before I actually placed my two caches and put a lot of thought into it. I also had to verify permissions with the land manager to meet the parks guidelines which took me a while since I tried to get my hide out over a holiday weekend.

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