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Are Germantown, MD caches disappearing?

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Or am I just not getting it?


I'm new to all this, but I'm able to find GC in the Prince George's county area (where I work - fun lunch hours).


But near where I live, I have had a massive number of failures. Here are some examples:

GC1D9D3 - It's FUNdamental - coords take you to lamp post, nothing in skirt or magnetic on post

GC1D9MN - SBUX - Germantown Town Center - Another lamp post, nothing in skirt, on post, or on ground/bushes

GC1C3HC - Love/Love BLOSSOMs under the pale lamp light - Another lamp post, nothing under skirt or on post, or under nearby bushes

GC1E51E - Forget the clothes! Find the cache! - Went through all the I-beams, nothing in any of them, nothing under trees, nothing on the power station

GC1T1TF - James' Jamboree - coords and obvious spot are a hollowed out tree, nothing there, tore up everything in a 30-foot radius around the coords, especially around trees, nothing anywhere.

GC1AJMM - Are You a Kid? - Another lamp post one - nothing in the skirt, nothing up the lamp post or attached to the signs, nothing on the ground around the lamp post


Again, it's possible I'm just a newbie and don't get it, but to have this many lamp posts alone not solvable makes me raise an eyebrow.


Anyone in the area that is better at this than me, can you confirm at least a couple of these? That will say whether I'm just not getting it, or if someone is screwing with the GC sites in this area...



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I searched for FUNdamental, SBUX, and Are You A Kid this week and didn't find anything. I just figured it was because I'm new and don't know how well micros are hidden. I've given up on micros for the time being, I've only found 1 in the area after 2 days of looking: capt. bob.

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AbMagFab - You should to post this on the Maryland Geocaching Society forum : There have been cache theft problems in a section of the state just east of Montgomery County, but I am not familiar with any problems in your area.


An MGS geocacher familiar with the Germantown area should be able to help you.


Well, I found a different one in Rockville, and learned of a new cache type that I hadn't seen before (if nano = keybox, this shouldn't be in the same class!).


Anyway, I went back to one of the above ones (FUNdamental) and found the cache there. I'll go back and check out the other lamp post ones, hopefully I just didn't see this cache type!


I'll post in the other forum if the other caches still seem to be missing after I go back and check them again.



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If someone is indeed stealing caches, its best not to post anything, anywhere about it. People steal caches for a variety of reasons, but the most common one is to get attention and stir things up.


Take that away and they usually get bored fast and go away.


If you need to discuss it with others, do so via emails and PMs with other local geocachers but don't let the thief think anybody is paying attention to him.

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Okay, I've now been back to two of these, and found them both. Learning about this new type of cache certainly helps! I'm guessing the other lamp post ones are also there, although I do question the one in the park.


Anyway, I think this can safely be chalked up to newbie GCing! Thanks for your tolerance!

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