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Anyone use a handheld for running?

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I'm just curious how many here use a handheld GPS for running/walking/jogging.


Yup. Oregon 300 with the carrabina clip on a belt loop. I doesn't bounce around too much - but then I'm more of a walker than a runner. If running I usually unclip it, and hold it.


Thinking of getting a forerunner 310XT though (see my blog post on the subject)

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I tote my 60CSx along on all trail races/marathons/ultras. Either clip it to the belt (and also 'biner it - don't underestimate the need for this as the screw-in insert for the GPSr that allows it to be clipped can and will come out - just happened to me at a race this past Saturday - glad to have the 'biner for backup!), or pop it into the top of the pack and let the antenna poke out the top.

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I take my Vista HCx with me if I'm wanting to scout out a new route for my morning walk so I can see the distance I'm walking. It works real good and when I go back and double check the distances by resetting the trip odometer on my car and then driving the route it's spot on according to my car odometer.


The only thing I don't like about using it while I'm walking is that I find the fastest speed I've walked to be off. I'd like to think I'm slowly improving in the speed area, but there's no way I'm walking 6 miles per hour like the fastest speed reading frequently says. To walk 6 miles takes me I think around 1 hour and 25 minutees so there's no way that's accurate. The only thing I can guess is that it may have something to do with the speed my arms swing while walking.


So basically I find it very useful for calculating distances, very accurate on the average MPH walked but not accurate at all on the fastest speed I've walked during a particular walk.

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Over the years, I've been running with the eTrex Vista, GPSmap 60 CSx and Colorado 300.


But now when I also have the Forerunner 301, I use that one only, unless reception is an issue and/or I need mapping capability as well.

I usually run with my Forerunner 305. For the last two weeks I was in Canada on vacation and used the Oregon 400t with Canadian Topo Maps loaded in addition. It was really fun. I used the heart rate monitor on both devices simultanously. For these "exploring" runs in an unknown territory it was great to have the Oregon. For runs at home I will stick with the Forerunner.

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