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Magellan Explorist 500 Download


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Hey everyone,


I am new to this fun sport and have purchased a Magellan Explorist 500. I am getting use to the unit and like it quite well. I do have a problem though, I do not understand how to download caches to my unit. I have it hooked up correctly but I just dont understand the steps I am suppose to be taking. I can manually put them in but it seems like a waste of time if I can just download them.


If ANYONE could help it would be MUCH appreciated. If you can even give me the basic steps maybe I can figure it out but with NO instructions from the manual, online or paper that came with the unit..I am just lost. :D



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I use GSAK to download caches to my explorist. From what I remember, magellan had its own software for this, but GSAK is very easy to use. It allows you to customize things as you see fit. If you need help please feel free to contact me through my profile.


Keep in mind that the explorist geocaching function is limited to 200 caches. You can download more as POIs. The format for each type of download is a little different, and they go into different default directories on your gpsr. But the good news is that you can store extra pocket queries and maps on the sd card, making it extremely flexible, particularly if you are traveling to more than one destination.

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The thing to remember is that unlike almost every other GPSr, the Explorists move all date into and out of the unit in the form of a file. There are POI (waypoint) files, Geocache files, Track files and Route files. The other thing is that there are two drives to store these files, the internal memory and the SD card. I believe that the file structure features are a huge plus.


So, what you want to do is create a geocache file, and load it to the geocache folder in one of the drives. Then, in the menu, make this file active. As mentioned, GSAK is a great way to do create a file. You can also use the Vantage Point software.

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This is the workflow that I use with my Explorist 500. It may not be your thing, but I like it.


1. Use a pocket query to create a GPX file for the area of interest. Change search criteria however you like, and set a max number of results of 200.


2. Use GPS Babel to convert the GPX to a GS. On the Mac there is an easy GUI front-end for GPS Babel. I'm sure there is something similar for other platforms too. I just choose the Explorist geocache file output and it works with all the other settings at default.


Note: You can use GSAK for GPX --> GS too but you may have to fiddle with it for it to put the GC code in the "name" field of the .gs file.


3. Use GPS Babel to convert the other waypoints file the PQ gives you to a Magellan waypoints file, if you like. Rename files as needed.


4. Attach Magellan to computer in mass storage mode, or pull the SD card and put it in a card reader. Copy files to the device. There are obvious folder names.


5. SElect the geocache file you want in Active Map setup.


Go geocache and mark caches as Found on the Explorist.


Later, use Found2Log to process the .fnd file and quickly log your finds.


Start over with a fresh GPX file, with the finds filtered out.


I find it much easier to do my sorting and filtering on the web site than maintaining my own database in GSAK.

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