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Practically GIVING AWAY Coins!


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Ok, wanted to get rid of a bin of coins (I have too many), so wanted to get rid of some.

If you are looking for CHEAP travelers, if you are looking for CHEAP icons, if you are looking to START your collection, if you are looking for CHEAP traders, if you are looking for REALLY CHEAP coins! Look no further!!!


Here's the deal:

1. 10 trackable coins for $35.00 ~ that's right! 10 coins for $35.00

2. all coins are trackable, the 10 coins are randomly picked from a bin, regulars, LEs, micros, my own designs, and others (2005-2009)

3. shipping costs: $6.00 shipped, confirmation delivery and flat rate box

5. international shipping costs: $12 for 3 packages ~ 3,3,4

6. coins shipped in a plastic bag and might not have plastic flips or vendor labels

7. send me an email , no PMs please

8. offer is available until I run out of coins

9. feel free to post questions

9. avroair@sbcglobal.net


Less than $3.50 per coin!


Don't be shy, I only offer this once a year. :D

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If you got an invoice you were in the first 25. :D


I have about another 50 coins, but want to make sure I have enough to cover everyone who asked, so I email others later in the week if there are still coins left.


I am accepting no more offers. Emails sent from now on will be deleted.

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Thanks for all the kind emails today. As stated yesterday, I am no longer accepting offers. :rolleyes: I will probably revisit this in a month since I probably have another 300 odd coins I want to let loose. :D


All are packed up, but I forgot to take the labels to the post office so some will go out tomorrow.

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I just wanted to say a big "Thank you!"


We got back from Chicago very late last night and our package of coins was waiting for us in the mail. My kids and I opened them up this morning and had a blast looking through them. They're a great mix of coins. We're going to release half and keep half as a start to our collection.


Thanks again! We appreciate you doing this, and thanks as well for the super fast shipping.

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ive never seen most of what i have ,, but they are for cointests and gifts, and missions,, i did not expect to get any keepers for that price ,, tho there is one i really like but have no connection to it so it will probably go too,, thx for the coins. ;) cant beat it with a stick!!

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