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Early success

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I found my first two caches (small) and discovered trails around me I didn't know existed. I even found an urban micro (though I visited a few more that I didn't wait around to grab because of all the muggles). Didn't have trouble with just about anything, and already subscribed to the site to make some pocket queries.


Don't see enough good stories here, it's almost always "Looked for stuff, didn't find stuff" lately. So I looked for stuff and did find it!


Right now I'm uploading GPXs to my 60Cx using EasyGPS. Considering I'm logging all my data manually on GC.com, I don't really see the point of GSAK. So long as I remember what caches I've been to (I change the icon on my GPS), what do people really use GSAK for?

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...what do people really use GSAK for?

It lets you manipulate cache data in a heck of a lot of ways. Like you I used easyGPS to load the caches. I didn't need to slice and dice data and organize and sort caches based on criteria since apparently I wasn't that picky. Some folks though like to weed out micro's or caches that haven't been found in a certain amount of time. Or they like to combine multiple pocket queries and focus on only the unfound caches etc. That's what GSAK does for you.


One thing I used to use GSAK for was to translate gpx files to the file formats used by other software.

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Some of the features that I use GSAK for are:



The ability to add child waypoints to a cache. (Parking area, puzzle answer, etc...)

The ability to add corrected coordinates.

Adding notes in to the cache that then download to my GPSr as part of the paperless packets.


I am new to this and I am sure there are many other uses out there that I am not even aware of. And, as far as the PQs go, you can only download 5 per day. If they are not what you wanted, then you need to wait a day to get more of them. With GSAK you can filter and sort until you get exaclty what you want, including filtering/sorting on fields you cannot select in PQs.



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I found my first two caches (small) and discovered trails around me I didn't know existed.

That's one of the best parts of geocaching... it brings you to new places you've never been before, or never even knew existed in your area!


Congrats on your first finds! :D




I'm starting to see why people use GSAK. With PQs limited to 500 results, they create multiple PQs containing lots of caches, add them to a 'master' GPX, update that with active/archived caches, then filter the ones they want and add them to the GPS? Ok, now I'm giving it a more serious look!

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