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GeoMate, Jr., Update kit?

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Is there any new information on what the update kit will actually be available? It was originally scheduled for June (and the Geocaching page still says coming in June), then it was scheduled for August, but no real date. Is there a real projected release date yet? I have about 10 of these to order, but without the update kit, it will be useless to me.

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G'day GeoJunkie (and others)


Yea, getting the Update Kit out the door has taken us a little longer than expected, but we want to get it right!! The latest (and fingers crossed the last) update is that we are currently on schedule to start shipping Update Kits out to retailers on the 24th of this month (August). The retailers in turn will then have to get it out on the shelves etc which is a little out of our control. But a realistic expectation is that you'll start seeing product appear during that week at places like Shop Groundspeak, Cache-Advance.com, and REI.com first and then start appearing on the shelves at REI.


We really do appreciate your patience.





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This was a question to be addressed before purchasing the unit. I haven't even considered it until this is all worked out. Selling the unit before the kit was available seems very much like putting the cart before the horse.


Which is why I haven't ordered them yet. Until I know I can have some control over what's loaded, it's useless for my needs.

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