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Hello All: This Central Jersey Newbie is Hooked

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Well, I thought it was time to say hello. 15 caches later and it looks like I’m really hooked. If you would have told this former Brooklynite that I would wake up at 7:00AM on a rainy Sunday morning searching for a container in the woods, I would have thought you were crazy.


From the Nuvi 350 to the iPhone 3GS to a Geomate Jr. for my daughter, I’m now a bit more invested in this wonderful new hobby as I just got a great deal on a new Oregon 550t thanks to bing.com (10% off) and ebay. I’ve also recently started creating caches and will hide them in the coming weeks.


I love the side benefits too. Since I’ve started caching in July I’ve lost 10lbs. This has motivated me to eat healthier, and exercise more. I use to mountain bike 15 years ago and now that I’m geocaching, I’m motivated to return to my favorite outdoor sports. I’ve also recently went canoeing after a 12 year hiatus. No longer is my outdoor activity limited to BBQs, lounging by the pool, and sitting on the sidelines at my daughter’s soccer games.


A big thank you to the geocaching community for bringing me back to the great outdoors! :wub:

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If you want some good exercise, try some of the North Jersey caches! They don't have any real hills in Central Joisey. :) I started off on a 2/3.5 at Terrace Pond in Wawayanda.


You can bet I will. I have family on Ringwood Lake! I used to ride my bike there all the time.

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...to a Geomate Jr. for my daughter...


We love hearing things like this!! For us, geocaching is fun for the whole family and a great way to get the kids outdoors. With a Geomate.jr in her hands I'm sure your daughter will be a lot more engaged and enjoy hunting those sneaky geocaches as much (if not more so) as you!!


Welcome to geocaching! Many adventures await.





(Geomate.jr representative)

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