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how to create computer maps with a mac and a gps?

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My new mac laptop is on the way. I would love some advice on purchasing a gps and useing it to record waypoints and tracks to make a map on my computer. I want the map to look like a google map ariel photo with trails and waypoints drawn in.


my thoughts after a little reading online:

garmin 60csx

gps babel to convert to google earth language

work in google earth to draw my maps features from gps data and from my eye.


Am i on the right track?


Will i be able to do what I want on a mac?


What else should I look into?


My first project will be to make a map with layers of points and trails showing the wildlife sign on a 200 acre parcel that is mixed between woods and fields. I figured the gps would help me collect lots of data and then place it precisley on a map. Then I could check the same placs year to year to keep track of changes. I am looking forward to getting these new toys.




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It sounds like you simply want to see where you've been (waypoints/tracks) in Google Earth.


If your Garmin GPS came with MapSource (mine did)...all you need to do is load the waypoints/tracks into MapSource then choose, View In Google Earth from the View menu. If you have Google Earth loaded on your system, you'll see the waypoints/tracks in Google Earth.

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Depending on your location, OpenStreetMap may already have your area well mapped. And if bits are unmapped, you could contribute to the map data yourself. The editing software is Java-based, so it can be run on a Mac (I use both a Mac and a PC and it runs on both).


There is also a Java utility called mkgmap that can take OpenStreetMap data and turn it into Garmin map files which can be loaded into a Garmin GPS (so long as it supports maps).


OpenStreetMap is open source, so this is quite legal. The website is openstreetmap.org.

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