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Check Out My New GeoCoin


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All the shipment is complete as of today! Thank you very much for participation everybody. I hope everybody will get their coins ASAP.

DilMar, I just wanted to say that it's great to see things going well with your coins. I know there was a time when there was a bit of harshness going on, but I'm really glad to see that things have all worked out in the end. Great job!!

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A package to the Czech Republic arrived today safe and sound. Great coins - difficult to decide which ones to keep. Maybe you can help me by telling us the minting numbers of the different finishes.

And one more question - will there be a unique icon?



I am glad it has already arrived. I will publish the number of finishes that have been made on my website in a week or so. Yes there is a unique icon and if it is not there yet then it will be uploaded very soon. If it doesn't appear in a couple of weeks then please let me know and I will contact the manufacturer to solve the issue. Once again thank you very much!

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The coins came today and they look very very pretty. Once again, the photos don't do coins justice!

You did a great designing job!


Just one thing : do you have any idea of when the activation codes will be uploaded?

Thanks for the great coin!


When and where do we get the activation codes? Coinsandpins.com (does not give me an activation code at the moment)

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