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I Need Help Geocaching

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can some one help me?


Im a poor geocacher, who spent my lifes saving on a gps


and ive been eyeing a certain mystery geocache that i cant do because its 'premium status only'


and I was wondering if someone could just copy/and paste the geocache info to me


Its called 'ambiguous' on the first page of the zip code 93405


Now i know i wont be able to log it at first, but someday when i save enough change i can purchase the 'premium'




my email: buddasuadda@yahoo.com

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Because the owner opted to make this a premium member's only cache, I think it would be crass of me to bypass his wishes.

If I were in your shoes, I would e-mail the owner directly with this request.

Interesting puzzle, though. I've got an idea where it might be, but with no coords checker, it'll have to remain just a guess.

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We all paid money to be able to see those caches. How fair would it be if you could do it without paying for the premium membership?


There are 3 ways you can find the cache. 1 the simplest, get a PM. 2 Go with a premium member. 3 You stumble on to it without knowing the coords by luck lol.

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