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Found Survey Mark. don't believe its listed

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Was out Geocaching today and stumbled upon a Survey Disc labeled "ECC" and what I believe to be its associated nail that I have not been able to locate in the USGS catalog. When up on the USGS site searched by the benchmark label and then did a radial search. NADA, zip.


Location is:


W 36 49'57.64

N 076 17'45.05


Here is the disc:




The nail was located approximately 20' west




Any help on this one?


Benchmark recovery has been an interest; would like to run into another Benchmarker in the Hampton Roads (Norfolk, VA) area.

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Parker-Kalon masonry nail


can buy them in most hardware stores


When they noticed so many of their sales went to surveyors they started to put the dot in the center of them. I recall when there was none.

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And ECC commonly stands for an Eccentric Station. Those were often used because the main station could not be occupied, or to place targets or lights.


It is somewhat possible that the True station was marked with the PK nail, however to know you would have to find the COE record and description for the station somewhere.


- jlw

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Not often that I find a benchmark when I'm not looking for it! Found this one in Bayonne, New Jersey today.



Pipeline. Corps of Engineers - US Army (just like yours) 1991. N 40 39 16.7 W 074 08 25.2. Oh, well. It was fun finding it.




View southwest across Newark Bay.

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Here's an old CofE mark on shore of Lake Superior at mouth of Misery River.


Have had no luck finding info, get no replys from CE


NOS planted a new mark circa 1980 some 50 ft west of this mark.




Lake Superior at top center of photo


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