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Magellan Triton 300

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So, I'm still GPS free as the one I really want, the Oregon 550t, is currently a little out of my price range.


I went to review prices of GPS units at my local Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire today. CT has the Magellan Triton 300 on clearance for $89.93. I was wondering if I should purchase this unit and deal with it until I a) budget a bit more cash, b ) wait for the Oregon 550t to reduce in price, or c ) get a Garmin unit like an eTrex or GPSMAP as they seem to stand out.


I've done some research on the Magellan Triton 300 and all the reviews I've found average around 1.5 stars out of 5. However these reviews are fairly old and I'm wondering if a lot of the bugs have been fixed via software/firmware updates.


Does anyone have any experience with this unit? $89.93 is a sweet deal but I don't want it if it will lead to mountains of frustration.





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The Magellan Units are nice for starting out. I use the 200 and the lack of expandable memory is a downer, but I can still load up about 200 caches, and it's paperless if you use .gpx files.

Really, you can do Paperless on the 200? Do you just download the .gpx files directly to the unit? Through the reviews I've been reading, you have to download them to your computer and then use a Magellan software to convert them on to the unit.


That true?



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Yes, you download the gpx files to your hard drive. Then use Magellan's VantagePoint software to transfer the to the Triton. Then you don't have to print out a bunch of paper.

Sorry for the 20 questions. I'm wondering what happens if you load in say 50 caches and then are near one and didn't know it. Does it beep at you or anything? I'm totally new to the whole GPS game so I don't know what to expect from A) download the cache to Z) signing the log.


Also, can you check it as found? I've heard you can't with the original software but haven't heard if you can with the latest updates.





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I don't do much geocaching but would likely do more if I were paperless, which is why I stopped at a Walmart just to see what they had the Triton 400/500s on for. They had a Triton 500 package that comes with a carrying case and Topo Canada SD card for $250 CAD. They also had the Mapsend Topo Canada CD for $20! (I'm not sure which version.)


As for the 300: 10 mb of memory isn't much, but it might be enough... With the Mapsend Topo Canada software that came with my explorist, a 5 mb map segment covers a big chunk of southern Ontario. That would leave another 5 mb for geocaches, waypoints and tracks. I really don't know how many geocaches I could squeeze into 5 mb, but I would guess it would be more caches than I'm likely to do in a weekend.

(For that matter, do you really need map data to go geocaching?)


So, paperless geocaching for under a hundred bucks. That sounds pretty good to me.



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Downloading caches are easy. I use Pocket Querries. You can't mark it as found yet, but there is a a new firmware release supposed to becoming out in the next month or two, hopefully they fix that. There is a work around though. I just make it as a locationless cache as that icon isn't used much any way.


Signing the log is up to you, no GPSr can do that for you.

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I have had nothing but problems with the Trition Series. I have had 3 T200's, 2 T300's, and I am calling Magellan today about the problems I am having with my T400.


I purchased the first unit May 15th!


Magellan has been very good about sending replacements and following up as to why the other units failed but I am still a little sick of sending them in all the time.

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