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Winners, Photo Contest of USC&GS and NOAA Didsks

NGS Surveyor

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A large Thank You to all who submitted photographs and/or information on old survey disks. I have carefully gone through all the submittals and considered all the photographs that met the criteria of being USC&GS and NOAA agency disks and within the correct time period. Many of the photographs were excellent, but fell within the range of know dates, so did not qualify.


The winners are listed below. Top prize is a commemorative brass survey mark, honoring the 200th Anniversary of the U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey (1807 – 2007), see: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12262796@N06/3775260687/ . All other prizes are lapel pins honoring the same event, see:. http://www.flickr.com/photos/12262796@N06/3311544961/ .


TOP PRIZE – Geoides for a photo of a flat, stamped plate, PID = HT0688. This is, perhaps, the “missing link” between earlier marks with letters and numbers chiseled in rock, and later survey disks with stamped letters and numbers.


Difficult Run – for a photo of a hexagonally shaped, Gravity Station Reference Mark, year c1961, PID = AH7245. These are extremely rare, our gravity field surveyor says that he has only ever seen 4 of these.


VagabondWV – for the photo of an old “cup” shaped disk, possibly set as a magnetic station in WV as late as 1944, PID = HX3058.


Mega Scooter – for the earliest photo seen of a Magnetic Station, 1917, PID = QE0491,


Astro D-Team – for the photo of a Triangulation Station disk with a very large triangle, 1921, PID = PN0027.


Harry Dolphin (two) – for the photo of a Triangulation Station flat disk set in 1909, PID = QF0712. And for the photo of a 3” diameter (small) USC&GS AND STATE disk set in 1956, PID = KV0491 .


Dixie Dawn – for the photo of a round, Gravity Station disk set in 1937, no PID.


Shorbird – for the photo of the first disk I have seen stamped USC&GS and a city – in this case Akron, Ohio, year 1963, PID = MB1249.


Thanks again. All winners please email me your snail-mail addresses so I can mail the prizes.




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Thanks for the contest George :laughing: Congratulations to the winners.


I'd like to come across some of the discs pictured, almost all the ones I've found are just the "same old discs"

(and most of them are setting #7, too )

Guess I'll have to keep looking.

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Difficult Run and All,

I meant to mention this in my "awards" post but I forgot. Last year, because of his excellent work in recovering and documenting his early survey mark finds in New England (especially the along the Eastern Oblique Arc), we awarded PapaBear one of the 200th Anniversary commemorative disks! This was long before the contest even started. So, again, Thanks PapaBear for all your good work!!




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I'd like to extend my sincerest appreciation to you for setting up this contest.


It was an education in the variety of benchmark settings that certainly piqued my interest in searching for those pictured in the contest thread, I most certainly would like to 'recover' any of those staions...especially a cupped-style and magnetic stations


My congratulations to all of the contestants.

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Geoides, Glad you liked the contest and seeing the many varieties of USC&GS disks. In my paper there are over 52 different disks described, most with a photo. Hopefully the paper will be on-line very soon.


Regarding contests, my next two subjects may be: USC&GS witness posts (wood posts, arrows in stone, metal signs, plastic signs, etc), and old pre-disk USC&GS marks (many varieties, such as chiseled squares, chiseled +, bottles, pots, etc.)




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