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What's the funniest cache name you've seen?


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All the ones that come to mind right now aren't funny until you find them and suddenly the joke, as if by magic, becomes funny.


Those are the ones I like too. I pulled up to one called Pole Position (a racing term) and laughed before I got out of the car.

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GC1MAKZ "Lying Whore Lodge and Skeet Club"



GC1JGM5 "Geocache Boogerbutt"



GCZKMZ "Millions of Dog Turds - Pin Exchange"



GC18FM5 "Snail Poop" by Web-Ling



GC15K0V "DUDE! Is that you!?!" by fullyclothed


If you don't get why the name is funny, note that this cache is next to a sewage treatment facility.

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I think this is turning out to be a rather good thread. I had to laugh at Boobie Girdlebuns. Just the name reminded me of a bumper sticker I saw yesterday right below a religious sticker. It simply said, "FEEL YOUR BOOBIES" I thought it was funny to see this right below a jesus saves sticker. It was to raise awarness for breast cancer. I think I might have to name a cache just that. I don't know about all of you other guys out there but I support healthy boobies....well at least until I get slapped. Swizzle

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Just a couple for now....


OMG! They've Hidden Kenny! by Prying Pandora


Thanks Blondie, Everything’s Ducky by welljointed


One just named with a period (.) that's it. (actually there are a bunch of these worldwide)


Bovine Guarding by Reverse (this one is fun because it's next to a dairy. There's a huge fake cow up in the air "guarding" this cache)


one called Uff Da! which if you don't know the translation from Norweigan I can't write it here.

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I once drove by a cache named, "Free Gas!" or something to that effect. I don't remember the exact name. The cache page talked up the fact that it was at a local gas station. When I arrived at the general area, the only business at the coordinates was a Taco Bell. <_<


The name of my "BF" cache doesn't make much sense, until you look at the map or visit the location. The cache is at one of the welcome signs for the town.

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I agree with GOF & Bacall and a couple of others here - that most often the most humorous ones are those that make no sense or the irony does not play out until you get to the cache site. At least 1/2 of the caches I've placed have been some sort of pun that does not make sense until you get to the cache.


Some that I've found hilarious are:


Stop Here and Get Gas, and no it is not a gasoline station...


I smell bacon. , which I had expected to be a restaurant, perhaps a Waffle House, but turned out to be something quite unique...


Hair E. Butts - well, that one speaks for itself...

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I appreciate a cache name that is out of the ordinary. Even if it just another magnetic keyholder, I will go out of my way to get it just for the name alone and think about the kind of log I can write on my way there.


So Ichabod Crane's Bun in the Oven was fun (but you might have to know the story). And Whine of the Non-Caching Spouse showed a dry sense of humor. By coincidence, they are both by the same person.

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I always thought having a series at Cracker Barrel locations called "Off Your Rocker" was funny.


Why Here?

My original Find log was "Why indeed?" It was a seemingly nonsensical guardrail. 


Get The F Out Of Florida

On the "Welcome to Lorida" sign.


Strange Bird

Fake sprinkler outside a Chick-Fil-A.


There's No Fire In This Hole

Fake sprinkler outside a fire station. 


Dippity Do High Ho Multi

First stage was on the ground in a swale. Second stage was in a tree on a hill.


Micro In Jock

Jock is the nickname of the person the park is named after.



Magnetic cache on a giant pair of glasses outside an optometrist office. (Four i's/eyes)


Honorable mention: I forget the cache name but the hint was "Charlie's Angel". The cache turned out to be in a fake water dispensing pipe. Farah Fawcett.

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Two of our favorites:


"Because I Only Have One Leg": a bison in a dolls leg hidden outside an IHOP! Even funnier as it took a minute to get the IHOP reference.


"A Train, A Mother, Your Mouth & Dixie" : Hidden in----a whistle of course!

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