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American Made and Designed Backpack

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I meant to post this earlier but got busy with "stuff". I own 9 backpacks (I'm a Backpack fanatic and have the same problem with hiking boots :lol: can't help myself :D. Anyhow, there was an article about a company that's pretty much in my "back yard" state wise and I had no idea this company even existed. Now it's on my "to visit" list :)


The company is located in Bozeman, Montana and it looks like they make some awesome backpacks. I like the fact that they're designed and made here in my home state but a US company on the global scene.


I'm not associated with them in any way nor am I saying buy any but for any of you who love having different backpacks for different adventures and don't mind spending a couple extra bucks for some serious quality, take a look. The only down side is unless you can get to Bozeman you can't really try anything on unless you can visit the 2 manufacturing plants in Seattle or Boulder, CO.


They are called Mystery Ranch. Here's the link to their website; http://www.mysteryranch.com/


Here's the newspaper article; http://www.helenair.com/articles/2009/07/1...090711_pack.txt



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I've been dying to own a Mystery Ranch "NICE Crew Cab" for quite some time, it is the $790.00 price that prevents me from owning it. :lol:


You're in luck! It's only $490.00 right now :D


I like the Big Sky and the Rats Pack.


Actually the total is $740.00. You missed specs on the right hand side where it says the pack must be used in conjunction with the NICE frame system (which adds another $250.00) . I guess I forgot how to add last night.


If you like those, you'll love these!




For some reason I don't care much for the Kifarus (well maybe their gun grabber system, and The Navigator Pack). I really like my Badlands 2200, but despise the fact it doesn't come with any PALS webbing.


Another option for me is the Eberlestock J107 Dragonfly.

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hey - speaking of packs & shoes in Bozeman - I just got a low top pair of trail shoes (hyalite on sale at rei.com) from Bozeman 2006 founded company I had never heard of www.obozfootwear.com ; So far, only about 10 trail miles into them so it's hard to really judge; but very very awesome so far - I discard a ton of shoes before 10 miles. I read some reviews on their hiking boots and they appear top notch as well.

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Ohh yeah.... Mystery Ranch and McHale packs. Both really nice products. I found them through a link from Rivendell Mountain Works. Years ago I had a Jensen pack that I bought from the Ski Hut, in Berkeley, CA. It's since disintegrated, but RMW bought the rights to the Jensen pack and is making them again. I've since gotten a replacement Giant Jensen, in a really gorgeous Garnet color. It's seen use in Canyonlands NP, Utah, and the JMT in California.


Check it out: the original frameless pack that helped start the backpacking revolution in the 70s and 80s.

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I love my mystery ranch pack, I have a Big Sky, mine is sky blue and gray, doesn't look like they offer it in that color anymore:




I filled it completely full, wrapped my Aku's in the beaver tail, put it on, and it felt like I didn't even have anything on my back, it was awesome. I also got a couple of flip top boxes and water bottle pockets to put on it. ;)

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